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Whenever there are political debates, contention on the floor of the Senate, or simply politicians grandstanding for the cameras, all our politicians seem to do is just spew vitriol about the other party’s political agenda.  The main focus of these interviews or of their debates should be as an introduction to the political policies they hope to introduce into law.  They should be giving a glimpse “behind  the curtain” so that we can see the kind of person these politicians actually are and how they plan on bolstering the power of the individual in America through their policies.  It should not be a continued attack against the President Of the United States, a man who was voted by a majority of Americans to lead us towards a better future.

These forays into the spotlight should be used as a means to lay a foundation outlying whatever plan they support that will help bring about effective change for policies that are not to their liking, while continuing to have the American people in mind. Instead they used this time not to debate the issues, but to demoralize, discredit, and disparage the people that are currently attempting to make that change solely based upon party line politics.   Since when did political affiliation prevent people from working with each other for the betterment of American society?

When these politicians from the GOP debate with Democrats either in person or through the media all they do is attack Barrack Obama,  the person, instead of his policies.  As an extension of their attacks they are actually weakening the office of the executive by undermining his power and the reach of the office.  It seems they want to spend as little time as possible actually discussing the merit of the policies he has implemented to fix the current quagmire America finds itself in.

Instead of offering suggestions that aren’t generic rhetoric on how to amend what they don’t like, they are offering up slanderous accusations and preposterous hyperbole to diminish the job that he has done as president. When this happens, they are not just showing how low political debates have fallen, but they are in essence chipping away at the very foundation of the American political system, and at America as well.

The fact that we are in different political parties does not mean we are at war with one another. We are not enemies, we are in elephant and donkey bfact the same soldiers, fighting the same war, but have different ideas on how to reach our objectives. At least, that is what it should be. Never should one soldier purposely sabotage another. What our political party system is, however, is as far from one filled with cooperation and mutual effort as it can be. With the system as it is today political opposition means that there are two separate objectives being fought over, instead of one goal with two pathways to reach it.

What should happen once party lines are drawn and issues are debated is that the policies enacted should help build a stronger America, no matter how the consensus is reached. The goal being that the reason issues are fiercely debated, policies scrupulously dissected and redisected, and decisions meticulously analyzed by political pundits is for the sake of the American people getting the best from their judicious government.

The government should not be the playground of a few political puppets vying for position in office to effect policy on behalf of their benefactors in order to help whatever corporation is the puppeteer pulling their strings. Equally as bad are the politicians that are doing it solely for the ego boost and status that they think the position of being a political official gives them.

elephant and donkey aIt’s okay to criticize the current presidential administration. In fact it is important and the right and duty of every American to criticize every elected official. Remember, they hold the position they do because it is their job to represent us, the people. If we don’t like what they are saying on our behalf then it is our responsibility to get rid of them. Somewhere in the last century the idea of publicly elected official elected to serve the common good has bastardized itself into some kind of neo-oligarchical rule where the elected officials have taken to the notion that they belong to some elevated strata of aristocracy that gives them carte blanche to do and say whatever they damn well please.

Well this is one American who is absolutely fed up with this misuse of power. I am mad at them, but I hold the whole of America in contempt, because when it comes time to make these people pay you would rather sit on your ass and let someone else deal dems repubwith it than to actually take the time from your busy schedule to do a little research and select the candidate that will best represent you. People spend more time deliberating over which picture to make their profile photo on Facebook than they do looking at which candidates are running for office, which judges will preside in their jurisdiction, and the measures and propositions that keep squeezing more and more money from their pockets.

It is time that we join the debate of who should run our country. We should take an interest in who should represent us in Washington, in our courtrooms, in our cities, and in our towns. We can ill afford to have another 8 years like the ones that proceeded Obama where lies became our governments platform for communicating with us and for us in the world. “We the people of the United States,” are a team, and if we don’t pull together to heal the wounds of political differences and economic striation, we are going to unravel as individuals of a divided nation.


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