Justice served

I can’t believe I am doing this, but I am about to defend the devil.  After the state of Florida bobbled and blundered the Casey Anthony trial, failing to hold her responsible for the death of her infant, they have decided to try to prosecute her again. Unfortunately for the state of Florida, and well people everywhere, they already had this opportunity and blew it. She was found guilty of negligible death and sentenced to 3 years in jail, which she didn’t have to do because of time previously served while in custody.

Casey Anthony and her lawyer

For the state to attempt to correct their mistake by trying her again violates her Constitutional rights. First of all it falls into the category of double jeopardy, meaning one can not be tried twice for committing the same crime if they have been tried for it already.  It is true that they are changing the charges, so that it doesn’t “really” fall under the double jeopardy provisions, but the spirit of the law is being perverted so that they can do this.  That is just as bad as if they were breaking the law themselves.

Just because they didn’t like the outcome of the first trial does not mean they get a second crack at her. The law is very specific in this regard. Second, if we are to believe that are justice system works, which we are all, myself included, very cynical about, then we have to stand by the findings of the jury down in Florida.  It doesn’t matter if we think she is guilty, if the court system says she isn’t, then she isn’t.

This is not just about Casey Anthony. I think she is a vile, reprehensible human being and quite possibly proof that demons do exist on Earth. That being said, if this perversion of justice is allowed to transpire, then we might as well rally in the streets like they are doing in Turkey and burn this country down. Everyone who is an American citizen has rights guaranteed in the Constitution and protected by the laws that govern our great nation.

If we allow them to change laws and manipulate the system any time one desires, as we have with every other part of our society, then we might as well stop lying to the world and ourselves that our system works, because it doesn’t. We give the outward appearance of a fair, vigilant, incorruptible justice system, but when we don’t like an outcome we will change it. That is not justice, that is not equality, and it is not a country that can claim to uphold the rules and laws that govern it. If we continue to allow these kinds of perversions to happen, we are no better than any dictatorship or monarchy that exists in the world today.

Chad Johnson and Judge Kathleen McHugh

Another example of the perversion of our justice system by the purveyors of justice themselves is Broward County Circuit Judge Kathleen McHugh.  You might recognize this judge’s name as she was the judge who decided to through out an agreed upon plea bargain and place Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson in jail for 30 days because she “felt” like it.  She felt he had disrespected her by slapping his lawyer on the butt for a job well done when he found out that he wasn’t going to have to spend any time in jail.

The legal system in this country DOES NOT WORK. Like every other agency in America, Wall Street, our education system, Congress, welfare, insert government agency here, it has become tainted by corruption and ceases to function in the manner it was originally created to.

If anything should come from the outrageous verdict in the Casey Anthony case, it should be a deafening call to overhaul our court system. But to retry her in the manner they are attempting goes against everything I believe in, what this country stands for, and what the American public should accept. In no way does finding her guilty now mark any kind of justice. Things need to change in America. We have had warning after warning, sign after sign, and yet no one pays them any mind.

Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

If my favorite author, Mark Twain, were alive today he would liken our false veneer of a successful America to the false sense of prosperity that the South boasted leading up to the Civil War. Our system was laughable even in his day.

“We have a criminal jury system which is superior to any in the world; and its efficiency is only marred by the difficulty of finding twelve men every day who don’t know anything and can’t read.”  This has never been more prevalent than what we saw with the jury selection process connected to the Trayvon Martin case.  Once again in Florida.

We are just one more major malady away from collapsing in on ourselves. It is time we were angry enough to do something about it. But we need to do so with the system that is already in place. We just need to create a watch dog organization that will chart the decisions that every judge makes.  That way we can hold them accountable for all their little perversions and idiosyncrasies they try to pass off in the “kingdoms” they call their courtroom.  I still believe America is worth saving from itself.


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