Moderation should be our moderator

The Chinese people have a religion, no, it’s actually more of a philosophical ideology where they believe that all things exist with the desire to come into balance.  The name of that philosophy is Taoism and it is where the concept of yin and yang is derived from.  Tao refers to  the “path” or to the “way”, it denotes something that is both the source and the driving force behind everything that exists.

It is a paradigm where a dichotomy exists between all things.  A push pull if you will, with a physics sensibility where every action creates an equal and opposite reaction. Up, down, left, right, dark, light, life, death.  It is where moderation, conservation, and temperance converge to create a perfect harmonious balance.  A philosophy that governs all of nature, which man is part of, and therefore encompasses every aspect of his life.

Moderation is the main focal point of this philosophy. “Waste not, want not.”  People should have enough restraint, will power, and discipline to monitor themselves. Unfortunately as things turn out this is seldom the case.   People, businesses, corporations are incapable of monitoring their own actions.  They don’t even make an effort to pretend to give a crap about anyone or anything.  They proceed as if they are a bull in a china shop and then blame everyone else for their mistakes, mess ups, and calamities refusing to point the  finger of accountability at themselves.

There should be no need for a government agency, special interest groups, or watch dog organizations to tell us what we could, should, or may eat. What books we should read, what things we should consume, where we should shop, what movies we’re allowed to watch, what things are legal and illegal to ingest, and what a woman can and cannot do with her own body.  That practice is called fascism and the last I checked we are living in the Land of the free and the home of the brave.  Or are we now in the Land of the controlled and home of the restricted?

When did we become a nation of sheep?  We are the pioneers.   We are the trail blazers, the gung ho cowboys with reckless abandon with no regard for rules and regulations.  Did we choose to put this yoke around our own necks?  Is this the life we have chosen for ourselves? I would hope not.  It seems as though we have.  We refuse to take accountability for our actions.  The blame game has never been more prevalent than the modern era with frivolous lawsuits choking our already congested court system.   With little regard for the consequence our actions have on ourselves, the people around us, or the world in which we inhabit we proceed as if we were infants fumbling around a world we are unable to comprehend.

By failing to make up our own minds we have paved the road for others to do it for us.  Since the only choice we have made is to make none at all, all decision making responsibilities are being taken away from us.  Since no one wants to take responsibility for their actions or realize that there are indeed consequences for the choices they make, it is a necessary to have regulatory agencies make these choices for us to ensure the safety of everyone.

I just find unconscionable that people don’t want to do it for themselves.  I enjoyed being a child and coming home from playing and having dinner ready for me to eat, not having to drive myself to school, or having to pay rent.  But now that I am an adult I treasure the ability to do these things for myself even more. I enjoy the freedom it entails and I am happy to live with the consequences both good and bad for the actions I take.


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Just a guy with an opinion and some time on my hands trying to find out where the sidewalk really does end.

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