What’s in a name?

This world is a mixed up and confusing place, filled with people that purposely try to trick you and misrepresent themselves.   The words they use, the actions they take, and the description of the things they do are misleading or just plain false.  But the one place I that I can see where there is little to no confusion is with the names of my food.  If you put some bread and meat together, it’s a sandwich, slice and cook some belly fat, it’s bacon, and put some lettuce with some sliced veggies and dressing and you have yourself a salad.  Nice, simple, easy.  No room for confusion.

Unfortunately, there has been a push for some time with the so called “foodies” out there to blur the line between known items and newly “created” items.  The renaming of food that already exists is getting out of hand, and I for one will not stand for it.  I am sick and tired of people trying to make a new item by just naming it something different. Am I an idiot?  Do you think I don’t know what food I am being served because you call it by a different name?  Because by doing that you are treating me like a fool.  And although I was born on the day of fools, I am not one.  Food is simple, it’s nice, and wonderful.  It can literally be made into a smorgasbord of different creations and wonderful flavor combinations.  But the ones that have already been created can not be renamed to suit your purposes.  We know what it is, we know what its called, so leave it the fuck alone.  Or, here’s an idea, be creative and actually invent something new.

This problem can be seen everywhere, from mayonnaise being called aioli, to pizza without cheese being called flat bread.  But my biggest pet peeve is when someone makes a burrito and calls it a wrap.  If it is rolled in a tortilla, regardless of whats in it, it’s a burrito.  Its not bad enough that we have stolen so many things from the Mexican people; their land, their gold, their dignity with our stupid immigration laws, now we have to steal the the names of their food as well.   What the hell man!?!  Grilled turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, spicy aioli and some olives in a flat bread rolled up is not a wrap, its a GD burrito.  Just because  you call it something different doesn’t mean I don’t really know what you are serving me.  Deconstructed salad? If I wanted to construct it myself, I would have stayed at home and done so.

When did it become okay to steal peoples dishes?  Did we go back in time, do people think they are channeling Marco Polo when they do this?  “Umm, yeah, so put some tomato sauce on it.  See, now it’s no longer chow mein, it’s spaghetti.”  At least he changed how it was being served and the basic overall taste profile.  The ingredients are different and the way it is used and the flavors present vary from creamy to tomato based, but the basic idea of the dish is the same.  But a wrap and a burrito are the same thing, it’s just a healthier version of a burrito.  Just take the beans out and its the same exact thing.

What was so wrong with the name burrito anyway that they felt the need to change it?  A burrito is as close to being the perfect vessel to shove as much carne asada into your mouth in a portable edible contraption as man could invent.  And yet without any improvement upon it, they want to give it a new name.   I would not consider myself a foodie, but would consider myself a connoisseur of food.  I enjoy eating it, talking about it,and sharing the dining experience with my friends.  But I will not give in to the blatant misrepresentation of food that has already been named, and is perfectly fine the way it is.


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