Life Lesson #1

“Life is Messy”

“Life is a competitive event.  Life is a race.  Life is a competition that pits you against yourself.  It puts all kinds of obstacles in front of you, all kinds of temptations to tempt you…and it is up to you to choose.   Choose who you want to be, what you want to accomplish, what you’re willing to sacrifice to get the things you want in life.  Make a choice and live with the choices you make.  No matter what happens, no matter what you choose, you need to know that as long as you keep on moving forward you will succeed.  That is life, that is success, that is failure, but it’s yours, so live it. “

-Anthony Heard


About thedailyheard

Just a guy with an opinion and some time on my hands trying to find out where the sidewalk really does end.

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