Zugzwang-A GOP Congress moves toward Checkmate

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”


check mate 2

We have all been deceived yet again by the Republicans in Congress.   In doing nothing and forcing self-imposed budget cuts, they have enacted their will upon the American people.  Everything that happens in Washington is planned out.  These politicians are master manipulators.  They have not gotten where they have gotten by mistake, or by bumbling their way through the public’s eye, and the political realm.  They are doing exactly what they mean to do, and when it appears they are not, it is either by design or because they have been caught doing something they were not supposed to do.  The idea of being a politician or a statesman resides in the fact that they indeed are able to say one thing using words that mean something completely different.  They are all Br’er Rabbit.  they manipulate you to do something that you think you want want, but was always what they wanted all along.

A lot of people will tell you that George Bush was a bad president.  George Bush was not a bad president.  He was a great president.   It all depends from which perspective you view his presidency.  He was a bad president in the sense that he was not popular with the American people.  It appeared at times that he didn’t know what he was doing, that he had reached this lofty post by mistake and a series of comical blunders.  That is just simply not the case.   It actually shows what a great manipulator he actually is if he convinced you that an idiot could ascend to the office of president of the United States of America.  The truth is that Bush was a great politician.  He manipulated and gamed the American people and was able to do what he wanted without any repercussion for his often illegal actions.   He came into office with an agenda of 10 things he wanted to get accomplished, and he got all ten done.  He used a tactic that was best for him.  He made us think that he was a bumbling buffoon and was making mistake after mistake after mistake.  But that was just his way of disarming us.  Every move he made was well thought out, expertly planned, and masterfully executed.   With the eventual result being that he and his ilk would benefit from the outcome.

I am in no way saying that George Bush was a good president.  As far as I am concerned he was a terrible president.  He had no intention of leaving the American people in a better position than when he took office.  He used his presidency to impose the economic will of his corporate sponsors to strong arm the world into submission.  I am a nationalist, I love this country for better or worse.   But what he did to America can be considered terrorism from within.  All the goodwill and benevolence that America had built up over the years was tarnished and shredded after he left office.  He was horrible for human rights, for the environment, for helping the economy for the middle and lower classes, and for a multitude of other factors that help make America strong and vibrant for all of its citizens.  But these people were not part of his political agenda. He did what he does best, make money for his backers.

W’s specialty was taking over companies and squeezing the most money from them by crashing them into the ground and in the process make his shareholders copious amounts of money.  His “shareholders” in this case were the PACs that funded his election.  A company isn’t contributing 10 million dollars to get someone elected, if they don’t expect something back in return.  He didn’t care about what happened to the company when he was done.  Unfortunately for us, that company was America. But he couldn’t just do what he wanted in the open.  He had to be subversive and manipulative, so he disguised his actions in a ruse of buffoonery so that he didn’t look like he was doing it maliciously.  And as a result of his bumbling ways he was able to get his agenda accomplished.  That was just his style to get what he wanted.   Al Pacino said it best in the movie The Devils Advocate, “Never let them see you coming.” And that is exactly what the GOP in Congress is continuing to do.

Murderers don’t look like these creepy, unsavory characters you see in movies.  They look like normal harmless people.  That is how they are able to disarm you, then take advantage of you once you have let your guard down.  These psychopaths, like politicians, are master manipulators.  They are able to disguise their true intentions with a series of well thought out moves designed to show you one story while their true intentions are masked under false pretense.  There is a word that describes both of these types of personalities, sociopath.

By design politicians are sociopaths.  They are not concerned with the basic tenants of society.  They make laws, but feel that their actions are not subject to the laws that they are making.  They are in every sense of the word megalomaniacs in constant need of notoriety.  They crave the attention, the power, and the limelight that is associated with being an elected official.  It is a giant popularity contest to them that results in their egos being stroked when they get elected.  Then to further the problem, they inherit the power and access to power that comes with the position.  And since they don’t want to lose the exhilaration of being in the spotlight, they will do whatever it takes to stay there.  I am sure at some point in time most politicians truly did want to help others, but that desire to help is miniscule compared to their desire to be “honored” for having the foresight to lead.  Their egos require them to supplant themselves at the center of attention.

Politicians are entertainers, and like any other performer they are primadonnas.  They need to be pampered and catered to, and want to feel how important they think they are.  They follow a script that they had no input in writing, act the way their directors tell them to, and are beholden to their “producers” who fund the whole production.  The audience is only there to give them praise on their excellent job they are doing, and to be grateful to pay to see them perform.  They are so concerned with themselves, caught up in their own desire to receive praise for helping others that they can no longer differentiate between public service serving their own self interests.  They lack a sense of moral responsibility and social consciousnesses, since they put their own needs above those of the people they were elected to help.   What truly makes them sociopaths is that they do all this while wrapped in a cloak of social concern and civic responsibility.  They are manipulating a system designed to protect us and serve the general public because it is what is best for them.  And it is time that the public wake up and take notice of what they are doing to us while we can still vote them out of office.  Our 32nd president Franklin Delano Roosevelt said it best:

“Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country.”

We owe it to every patriot that has sacrificed their lives so that we could enjoy the freedoms that we do today and to the future generations of Americans to come to stop being lazy sheep and hold these “public servants” responsible for their actions and inaction.


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