The worst of what we watched 2012

2012 was an interesting year for movies.  I can’t say as the years progress Hollywood is putting out better and better movies.  Special effects have become amazing, actors are taking performances to better places, a handful of directors still hold onto the mentality that they are story tellers and entertainers and as such they have to hone their craft to take you on a convincing journey through sight and sound.   But the majority of the movies that I saw this year were like the majority of the food I find in restaurants as of late.  They are bland going in, barely make me feel as if I got my money’s worth, and are forgotten about them as soon as I exit the establishment.

So this list is composed of moves that I couldn’t believe were made, wasted my time, or were so overhyped that they couldn’t live up to their own success.   And believe me 2012 had its fair share of crappy movies as Hollywood continues to regurgitate failed ideas and movie themes from the past.  They are movies that from their inception were destined to be train wrecks.  But those movies weren’t the most painful to watch.  It was the movies that we were so excited to see, and then after waiting 4 months until its finally released.  So, on opening night you pay your 15 dollars for your ticket, 20 more for a bucket of popcorn and a gallon of soda, and then when the lights drops and the movie starts you realize you just threw away 2 hours of your life and 50 dollars.


Safe House

Expendables 2

Total Recall


The Apparition

Resident Evil-Retribution

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance

Wrath of the Titans


Red Tails

John Carter

Over hyped movies


Twilight Breaking Dawn 2

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