There is no debating

rocky scene using obama and romeny

With everyone in America seemingly in dire straits financially, people struggling, hurting and penny pinching, losing jobs, having homes foreclosed on, families having to tighten their belts and conserve what little money they have it makes me wonder what people are thinking in the voting booth.  Why are people still considering voting for a candidate that favors the rich and policies designed to keep the spoils of this country in the hands of an elite few?  We should all have serious concerns about the economic future of this once great nation.

The act of even having a debate at this juncture seems pretty useless in my opinion.  If you aren’t sure who you are going to be voting for 3 weeks before the election, perhaps you should just go back  to watching Jerry Springer and the View and leave politics to Americans who actually care.   We already know their viewpoints.  We have all heard all of their promises and the rhetoric from their competitors.  It’s as if we are at a high school assembly watching the awkward nerd and the spoiled trust fund kid argue about trivial things while ignoring pertinent issues.  It’s a lot of hooting and hollering and boils down to a popularity contest at this point.  The questions that are asked have been the same ones being poised for decades.  No one from either party is actually going to commit to anyone view point and risk alienating everyone on the opposite side of that argument.  It’s a bunch of grandstanding.  No more better showcased than when the two were asked about gun control on assault weapons.  Neither one said anything that actually meant something.   Just the same tired rhetoric we have heard time and time again.  And further more, wouldn’t the time, effort, and exorbitant amount of money being spent on these campaign be better served to actually help America?

Detractors of the President are reporting that Romney is winning these debates because the president seems distracted and uninterested.  Of course the president is distracted.   He is busy being the president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  The world is not going to stop turning just because America has decided to have an election.  We have troops on the ground in countries all over the world, the Arab world is bubbling over, there are daily bombings in Syria, the Israelis and Hezbollah are trading rocket shots via drones, N. Korea is bragging about newly acquired ICBMs, civil unrest and ethnic genocide in most African nations, not to mention constant bombardment of threats against American interests worldwide.  This is on top of the war on drugs, the war on terror, the war on medicare, the war on education, and of course the myriad of other issues that the president has to deal with domestically on a daily basis.  And you expect him to turn his attention to the petty attacks that Romney/Ryan are taking at him and his staff?

The political debates have been reduced to out and out lies.  I don’t think it is disrespectful to say to these candidates that they have passed the line of well crafted propaganda to blatant lying.  And it seems to me that the GOP has not only embraced the practice of misrepresenting themselves and facts, but they have taken the baton and are running with it.  Doing what they are doing and making the claims they are shows to me undoubtedly that this is more about gaining control of the White House and less to do with helping America.  America’s welfare should be the first and foremost concern by either of these candidates.

Did anyone watch the debates?  It was like watching the last two contestants left on the dating show Baggage.   They each have hidden “baggage” they are trying to hide, all the while they are just trying to fuck you.  They make a bunch of empty promises and ambiguous solutions to nonspecific problems while intimating the other person is not.  The debates should be more about how each side is going to return America back to prominence it once enjoyed while continuing to be a beacon of hope and justice around the world.   Instead we have become a laughing stock world wide not just on our blundered foreign policy, but because of the conspicuous infighting, bigotry, sexism, and racism that are overtly evident in our political and social systems.

There is only one choice for president in 2012 if Americans want to continue as the dominant force in the world.  If we want to still continue to enjoy the prosperity that out forefathers fought and died for.   If we all want to be able to achieve whether we are Black, White, Mexican, Asian, Rich, poor, straight, or gay.  The Choice is Obama.

The world is getting smaller and smaller, and the GOP and their true 1% constituents see the writing on the wall; America is declining.   The resurgence of China as a super power is inevitable.  Russia is on the brink of becoming a Mob run nation who happens to have a nuclear arsenal.  The money being funneled from South American and burgeoning African and Asian countries is for the taking.  International boundaries are being obscured by multinational conglomerates.  The true nations are those that have and those who serve.  The Government in America is of course bloated and slow, wasteful, and makes a multitude of mistakes, but the antithesis of that government will leave us as internally vulnerable and structurally unsound as many of these 3rd world countries that we used to exploit.

Rules work. Regulations are a necessity.  We need to make sure that we continue to have regulations on big businesses, banks, and our financial sector.  And not only do these regulations have to exist, but they also need to be enforced and followed.   Our government needs to be strong in order to provide the multitude of resources that we need and expect from our government.  And in order to fund all of these services and ensure that the people of this country have the freedom to do all of the things that both sides agree are our inalienable rights as Americans, taxes have to be paid by all.  Taxes are the only way that our government has to make money.

We will all have to tighten our belts and stop looking for a magic pill that will be an instant solution to our problems. There isn’t one.  There is no easy solution.  The long reaching mistakes of the Bush presidency, deregulation, privatizing war, overspending, and the acquiescence to financially contributing lobbyist will take more than 4 years to erase.   Obama has done a lot to stop the hemorrhaging that was taking place in America.  He will need another 4 years to get things going in the right direction again.  And even that won’t be enough time.  The mistakes that have been made will take at least a generation to fix.  But we are Americans, and we are in this for the long haul.  A vote for Obama will not solve all of our problems, but it will help to right the American ship and bring us back to being able to achieve once again the American Dream.

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stay tuned for the ongoing saga of the 2012 presidential race.


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