Tosh point No

Dear Daniel Tosh,

This is a cease and desist letter.  Your show has run its course and it is time for the show to end.  Listen to our cries, “Please stop.”  Instead of going out gracefully and with some dignity, you have decided to flail about naked and classless.  Where once you appealed to an educated edgy audience, your decent into self efficacy, potty humor, and vulgar overtly racist banter has left you only appealing to the same audience that finds Here comes Honey Boo Boo must see TV.

You are no longer funny.  For a while you were mildly amusing, but those chuckles of discomfort have turned to sighs of annoyance.  This is a polite nudge urging you in the direction of the EXIT door for you to quit while you are ahead.  Let your day in sun finish with a quiet peaceful ride off into the sunset, rather than the death throws of someone who has held on for too long.   You should be happy your success has lasted as long as it has in the first place.  The Tosh.0 show would have been successful with almost any host other than you, unless you used to host a dating show on MTV.  Chris Hardwick,  you know who I’m talking about.

The success of your show has little to do with you and more to do with the clips of the idiots that are on display doing ridiculous stunts for their perceived 15-seconds of fame.   Unfortunately, you have confused yourself with one of them.   You somehow think that you are the reason the fans keep coming back.  I understand that it can be confusing.  I mean, this is after all LA.  If the heiress of a dwindling hotel chain and a lawyer’s slutty fat-assed daughter can make their families relevant again with poorly performed sex tapes, it is understandable that you think you are a star.  You are not.  People just love to watch a train wreck.

I still remember when I first saw your clip show.  I tuned in first and foremost for the clips of morons doing stupid shit on camera.  But after I watched the show for a while, I thought to myself, here is a guy reminiscent of Dave Chappelle when he first started out.  Young, raw, hungry, and doesn’t give a shit what people think. You didn’t just walk the line of comedy, you jumped up and down on the other side of it.  But you were careful never to lose sight of the other side.  Well you did.  Similar to Chappelle losing his mind and flaming out in a sad, shameful spiral  of drug use and insanity, you too have shown that you no longer have what it takes to be in in the limelight.  You unfortunately believe that the show centers around you.  You are just the host.  You are not the main course, but the parsley on the plate, the pickle in the sandwich, the Squiggy to Laverne and Shirley.  You are a moon roof on a Ferrari, which no one could care less about because its a fucking Ferrari.

Your show has gone the way of Carlos Mencia’s Mind of Mencia, the aptly named Blue Collar TV show, Lewis Black’s Root of all Evil, and so many other failed attempts at sketch comedy.  In the Heirarchy of failed CC shows, your show ranks above Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire, and just below Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time.  I am happy for you for your flash in the pan success. Now please do what most minor celebrities do, star in a low budget porn film with a Kardashian, end up drunk and OD’d at a Charlie Sheen Hollywood Hills party, and then fadeout into obscurity only to be seen again on a VH1 production of “That’s totally 2000 teens” edition 20 some years from now.


a concerned fan of comedy


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Just a guy with an opinion and some time on my hands trying to find out where the sidewalk really does end.

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  1. everything L&L

    Agreed 1000x

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