Red Rover, red rover

It should be of growing concern to the American people that the relationship between the US and the Russians are becoming more and more tenuous.  It is of no surprise since Russia is geographically and politically closer to China than to the Democracy prevalent in America, that they still have ties to their old allies.  The two countries are hell-bent on once again becoming global superpowers on par with the US and propagating the same mindset that was prevalent in the mid to late 20th century.  It is a rare day that I agree with the rhetoric that comes from the GOP.  But, they are correct in thinking that the Russians are once again a viable threat, and that we need to keep an eye on the budding dissonance that it arising in the vacuum of a real government there.    I am not saying that relations between the two nations are as stressed as they were during the cold war, but we should be aware of the dangers that can arise from this once powerful nation.  Think of our international concern for them the same way a 40-year old man views a trip to the proctologist.  It is important to have a camera jammed in our nether regions in order to check for any polyps or “red” inflammation before it turns into something more much more serious.  I am all for taking a proactive stance on maintaining the balance of power that exist in the world today.

Recently, the Russian government decided to kick the “watch dog” agency known as USAID out of Russia   If you are not sure what USAID does, you can click on the link, but rest assured they are only a “watch dog” agency in the sense that they are looking out for any kind of transgressions in human decency to help those who have little create what they need to survive.  They are responsible for giving aide to those who need it, and making sure human right violations are not happening or are at the very least reported to the proper authorities.  With all of the poverty and hardship that is facing the Russian people it is unthinkable for the Russian government, which consequently does very little to help its own people, to kick out a humanitarian organization unless it is afraid of atrocities and human right violations are going to be exposed for the world to see.  This is a move that China, North Korea, and the old Soviet Union would make.  The Russian government has pretty much admitted to as much as can be seen in this quote from a CNN article:

Senior Russian officials have said that some of the agency’s programs, such as some human rights groups and election monitoring, have undermined Russia’s sovereignty, according to the state news agency RIA Novosti.

If they are not afraid of exposing themselves to global scrutiny, then why are they doing this?  The answer is simple, they want to keep a strangle hold on the information that disseminates from their country.  They don’t want the global community to see what they are doing to their own people.  Which for all intents and purposes can be assumed is not something good, if they are closing the door on free money and help for their poor.  They are once again using a few despots in government to rule with an iron fist.  The remnants of the old communist Soviet Union are once again taking hold.  The seeds of corruption and malfeasance that were planted in the vacuum that arose after the fall of communism have taken root and are coming to fruition. The mafia, the “business men,” the newly crowned billionaires need to be looked at with more scrutiny than admiration.

Where is this money coming from?  What are they selling?  This country has a lot of natural resources, but only precious few are benefiting from utilizing them.   The most important and dangerous resource they have is their dismantled military.  The Chinese are not our friends.  They have ruled Asia many times over for centuries going back thousands of years.  They are not a people to just bow down to the short lived power that is the United States.  We are barely a blip on their radar.  We just happen to have the best, most motivated, and highly technologically advanced military in the world.  It is only a matter of time before they catch up with us.  And you had better believe they are trying.  And since they own most of the US now anyway and are flush with money, it makes the most sense to just buy their way to the top.  They have been attempting to build their own aircraft carriers and stealth airplanes for years.  But since they lacked the materials and know how, they instead built a bomber that is specifically designed to take out aircraft carriers.  Is that a direct threat to the US?  Yes, since we are the only country that has aircraft carriers.  Who else could these planes be targeting?

The Chinese have just recently purchased an aircraft carrier from the Russians.  They are in the process of mass producing their own fleet of them now that they have the engineering specs they needed.   This begs the question “What else are they buying from the Russians?”  Google maps accidentally uncovered a military facility built in the Gobi Desert for what purpose, we still have no idea.  These are the same two countries that have repeatedly blocked attempts by the UN to help the people of Syria while secretly funnelinassad firing a machine gun with shells from china and russiag weapons and money to Bashar al Assad to continue to commit mass genocide on his own people so that he can remain in power.  The fact remains that these two countries, and others to a lesser extent, are not lying down dormant and allowing the US to maintain its dominance.  While we are getting fat and lazy on Double Big Gulps, Super Sized Doritos Locos Taco combo meals, and reality TV, the rest of the world is gearing up for a revolution.  The people of this country should be less concerned about gay marriage and Chick-Fil-A’s stance on it, and more concerned with America’s place in a growing global community where every one else seems to recognize that we are in a race for power, resources, and survival.

If anything, this new Russia should serve as a mirror into the future for what America will look like with less government, and  a few rich business men reaping the rewards of “investing” in their country.  No, I don’t see America’s future this bleak.  I still have faith in the voters in this nation to see through the bull shit that the GOP is slinging.  But while both sides continue to bicker over infantile disputes, the rest of the world is squarely taking aim at our backs.  We need to be more aware of what is going on in the world as well as at home.  Our politicians, who are here to serve us, need to stop the grab for power that has come to define the American political landscape and get back to work continuing to increase the values, beliefs, and openness to diversity that the United States of America stands for in this world.

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