Social security

old man on a precipice of falling because the decline of social security

With the decline of union popularity private as well as public companies now want to do away with pension plans for their employees.  They want to take what few privileges and rights workers have struggled and fought for, privatize your retirement, and make it 401Ks standard with no support from the company.   However, with a declining economy that has taken its toll on investment returns, and the attempt by the GOP to take away social security, what is going to happen to the tens of millions of senior citizens we have in the US that are going to be penniless?  We lack a free health care system that could be beneficial if we were to axe programs like social security, Medicaid, and assistance for medication for the elderly.   But if we were to do that, see what would happen there would be millions of senior citizens wandering around without money, drugs, help, or any kind of support system to aid them.  If you thought the homeless population got bad when Regan was Governor of California and closed all of the insane asylums, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  It is going to be like Dawn of the Dead out there.  But instead of zombies thirsting for brains, it will be dementiated seniors in soup-stained bathrobes stumbling about babbling about bed pans and half eaten bananas.

And you know what, I have no problem with that.  Let there be chaos, let people have their anarchy.  Let us be free of an oppressive socialist government that is trying to force its social programs on us.  The only think I ask in return is that all the money I have ever paid into social security for the last 22 years I have been working is paid back to me.  I want it back tax-free and with interest, since that money could and would have been used to grow my own personal retirement.   So as soon as that money is returned, they can stop Social Security.  Until then, people need to stop acting like capitalism is the truest form of democracy, and start acting like the civilized American people I know we are and do the responsible thing.

Social Security is not the problem.  The legal system, the pharmaceutical companies, and the medical profession are the culprits.  They charge astronomical prices, they engage in frivolous law suits, and have no intention of helping the people they serve since they exist to only create further law suits.  The following year there will be a million new lawsuits to take their place.  But I digress, I only want what is owed to me in this capitalistic society.  I want to pay less in taxes because I don’t drive the freeways that all of the commercial trucks and buses driving back and forth across the country shipping private goods form one store to another use.   I don’t really use the freeways, so I don’t think I should have to pay for all of the construction Cal Trans is doing on the roads that I hear about on the news.  I shouldn’t be held responsible for street cleaning, I sweep in front of my house every morning.  I don’t want to have to pay for any services I don’t use that is provided by the government.  I mean, aren’t these the same arguments that corporations make and that people who have benefited from our tax dollars are claiming.   They don’t want to pay for a government who provides them with all these services that they then use so that they can make money for themselves.  Maybe they aren’t the ones that are using social security or the benefits their company’s provide because they have the best doctors and investors money can buy.  But if they don’t help their employees and those who can not do for themselves, then we ALL pay the price and suffer the fall out.

cupboard bare from social security

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