To be truly free…speak!

woman and man talking about restricted freedom of speech

We live in a funny world.  The Bill of Rights grants us the freedom to do and say anything we want; to practice the religion of our choice, and to worship that deity as we see fit.  It allows newspapers to print what they want, and for television news shows to report “the truth” in accordance to their benefactors political views as long as they show a disclaimer at the beginning of their 4 hour news coverage stating that their show is strictly for “entertainment purposes.”  The Constitution also allows for Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, and women to be able participate freely in elections, shop in the same stores as their White counterparts, and prevent the slavery and bondage of others.  It is silly to me that we have to have laws to enforce any of these things, but we do.  The creation of these laws have extinguished tens of thousands of lives in the sacrifice of notifying the public that something is wrong. The idea that something as basic as “you shouldn’t beat your wife to death” or that “little black boys can ride next to little white girls on the bus” needed to be spelled out in writing in a document granting freedoms is ludacris.  Then stamped out of the public with the use of law enforcement and the court system.  Who, by the way, are just as morally bankrupt as the people they are presiding over.  But the thing that really gets me is that the people who scream the loudest about the use and abuse of the freedoms granted in the Constitution and the rights granted therein are the same ones who are violating other people’s rights.  They hide behind the Constitution as their own personal shield and then wipe the vitriol that spews out of their mouths with it.  They are the Rush Limbaughs, the Glen Becks, the Ann Coulters of the world that say and do what they want, then hide behind the guise of freedom of speech and constitutional liberties to justify their “hate speak.”.  These people are hell bent on shredding the soul of the Constitution and then turn around and pretend to be the staunchest supporters of its tenements.  These people are the hyenas that tear at the soft underbelly of our nation, because they know at the end of the day, the law protects the guiltiest, while the weak and the innocent get trampled on.

My ideas and beliefs are important to me.  They should be protected because what I believe is just as important as what someone else might believe.  I should be able to say what I want as long as my speech does not spread hate, antagonize others into violence, and incite illicit actions.    But the personal accountability and responsibility that I demonstrate in how I choose to utilize my free speech is not the same as how everyone else does.  When you mix money, power, and influence into the equation, people will do and say just about anything to gain the former.  They will bend the truth, manipulate facts, and flat out lie in order to get their point across.  They will bolster their arguments with acrimonious conjecture in order to fulfill their abhorrent agenda.   Because of the nature of man and the abuse that people choose to display when these freedoms are bestowed upon them, they, like anything in life need to be regulated.  And those that seek to take advantage of these freedoms should be met with contempt and ultimately sanctions for their actions.  Because if we do not enforce our aversion to “hate speak,” these incorrigible miscreants will continue to take advantage of this freedom that was bloodily fought for until it gets to the point where we will want to ban all free speech.   It seems to me that people have  a chance to freely choose to speak up before their voices have been censured for good.

Bum in a park yelling at people

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