Where’s the party at?

Am I Rip Van Winkle? Have I been asleep under the tree of democracy and have now woken up in a different time and a different era? What the hell happened to political parties in this country? It was never fathomed in the darkest recesses of the framers of the Constitution’s imaginations that that the Republican Party and the Democratic Party would be at odds the way Autobots and Decepticons fight over the fate of mankind. One being obviously evil and one fighting for the good of humanity, but that is what has happened. It seems that the Republican Party has decided to be the champion of a handful of super wealthy villainous Americans forsaking common sense and the welfare of America, our natural resources, and our way of life for the billions of dollars they stand to make raping us. All the while the inept Democratic Party spins its wheels trying to speak for the rest of us. And I say speak, because they are definitely not fighting for us.

I really don’t think the patriots who are credited with being the creators of our American democracy had in mind a 2-party system where one of the parties is constantly trying to screw everyone not worth 100 million dollars over, and the other acting as though they are recovering from being an abused spouse, and stands idly by doing nothing. Time and time again the GOP attempts to pass legislation that is not only harmful to us, but is basically stealing from what little the middle and lower classes have. And the Democratic Party, champions of lying down, do little to thwart them. It’s like watching the obnoxious 13-year-old 5th grader continually pummel and take the skinny nerdy kids lunch money. Unfortunately it’s our lunch money that is being taken. And in this analogy, the money being taken is going to bribing the “teachers,” the custodians of right and wrong, from taking action against them.

These super elite wealthy people that are at the core of the Republican Party maneuver their fellow Republicans the way Gepeto maneuvered Pinocchio, as puppets. They are like crack addicted puppets. Correction, like elitist crack addicted puppets. Except their addiction is to money and power. And like a junky they don’t want to share it, they think no one is worthy of having it other than themselves and their cronies, and they think that everyone is after it. So in order to combat the “barbarians at the gate,” they go on the offensive. They use the Republican Party to eliminate fair wages, eliminate affordable education, comprehensive healthcare, and an ethical way of banking so that no one can climb to the top and knock them from the pinnacle of wealth. They are paranoid that if everyone is prosperous that soon we will come for their money. Racism, intolerance of religion, and even nationalism to an extent are all creations by the wealthy to keep people from focusing on what is truly wrong with the world, and more importantly America, classism. The obnoxiously wealthy have created and manipulated the rest of us to cannibalize each other in an attempt to distract us from their monumental wealth. Their reasoning is “How can they fight for what we have, when they are busy fighting each other?” And now we are doing it to ourselves. We are distracted by sports, “reality” TV, pseudo-celebrity-ism, social sites such as facebook and twitter, and allow our egos to distract us from what is really happening. We placate ourselves with our own self-importance.

Pick up a newspaper. Read a book. Why are unions under attack? Why is our education system in such disarray? Why shouldn’t everyone have healthcare? Why are the words socialism and communism bad words? Democracy is not the synonymous with capitalism! The democracy that our forefathers set forth, the ones that the GOP likes to evoke every time they try to justify their position on issues, expected our democracy to be dynamic. They expected for it to change with the times, to mold and shape to the things we need. To keep the things that were relevant and to shed the things that became superfluous. Their belief was that the preservation of the many was necessary in order to make this country great. Not to allow the greatness of this country to make a few people wealthy.

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Just a guy with an opinion and some time on my hands trying to find out where the sidewalk really does end.

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  1. Maybe it is the other way. Maybe it is the Republicans fighting to protect hard working Americans from the mob of freeloaders who do nothing and want everything.

    Everybody does not want to give away their money. These people should have a choice, especially in America.

    Censorship is evil.

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