A call to arms

Lately I have been extremely outspoken about calling my fellow Americans to arms.  When I say something like that I don’t mean for people to get their guns and storm the Capitol building.  No, no, no, what I mean is I want people to be aware of the political landscape, be proactive rather than reactive to decisions made by our legislature, executive and judicial branches, make informed votes, and most of all contact their politician when they do something you don’t like.  After all, they are our employees.  Unfortunately,  my message has been muddled by those who accuse me of being a bit over dramatic with the severity of my claims, while others claim I am being overly pessimistic.  I don’t feel I am being either.   I am just stating an opinion of how I see our country.  Our government, any government, screwing the people, doing as it pleases, creating a warring class that leaves us as the grunts that bear the burden of their quest for power as the elite get by unscathed is nothing new.  Our system however is at a crossroads, a very dangerous and provocative one that if we are not careful will choose the path of least resistance that leads to a huge divide between the “haves” and “have nots.”  We are now armed with more intelligence, faster ways of communicating, and are able to organize on the fly.  As we have bared witness in Northern Africa, the social network has led to many toppled despots.

But I digress, the truth of the matter is that will never happen in America.  We are never going to do anything other than complain, shake our hands in the air, and put our heads back down in the sand, and go about our dreary existences.  In order to do something that actually matters would require people to do something they don’t want to do,and that is take responsibility for their actions as well as their inaction.  We have based our entire existence in America on the simple premise that we can differ blame to others, thus allowing us to never have to take responsibility for our actions.  And I really don’t see that changing in the near future.  In order for people to want change, they have to be wiling to change.  They are not.  They want the system to change without having to really inconvenience themselves or their lifestyle.  It is like a fat person complaining about their fatness.  They don’t want to take the time to shop for healthier food, eat smaller portions, study about proper nutrients and vitamins found in foods, and they don’t want to get that fat asses into the gym.  It is hard work to change, there is no easy button as Stapples would have us believe.  Everyone wants a fast acting do-nothing-pill or procedure that does all the work for them.  And simply just isn’t going to get the job done.

It’s easy for me to sit behind my keyboard and speak of change without actually doing anything myself.  So what have I done to illicit some of this change I speak of?  I vote every election.  It’s weird to think something that seems so singly innocuous as voting is so very important, but it is.  And what is even more mind-boggling is how many people had to give their lives so that Blacks, women, the poor, and all the other races other than rich White men could vote, and yet no one treats it with the reverence it deserves.  I also try to inform people about the gross malfeasance of our government, local, state, and federal, and I encourage people, even with differing view points than mine, to read up and learn about what they are voting for.  I challenge people to debate what they believe in, for surely if they feel so strongly about something they must have justification for it rooted in something more than just second-hand hearsay, rhetoric, and prejudice.  Alas, most times they don’t, and that is part of the problem.   People don’t want to actually have to take the time out of their busy lives to have to take accountability for their decisions.  They would rather, like little children or sheep, have decisions made for them, and then just follow out their orders.

Where we are weak, they are strong.  They, being the politicians of course.  They know that no one really wants to do anything or act in any way on their own behalf.  They just wan the appearance of justice, the appearance of fair play, the appearance of democracy, and that is exactly what they give us.  The system is set up in their favor. The games that they play are governed by the rules that they create.  Even when they lose they win.  They understand that it is not about creating a system that works, it is about creating a system that works well enough for them to glean enough from us that they can.

Our role in America is analogous to those of the humans in the machine world of the Matrix, or the beasts of burden in Orwell’s Animal Farm.  We serve a purpose like the cow that produces milk for the farmer’s consumption or the hens that lay his eggs.  We do not benefit from our labor, we do not profit from our toiling.  We are placated and pacified with the allure of riches and fame, of becoming their equals, but it is just an illusion, a mirage.  Until we actually decide that they are not better than us, that we want what this nation has promised and can provide, then maybe we will get closer to where we want to be.  But it will take a concerted effort from everyone.  If we allow race and religion and sexual preference to continue to divide us, then we are playing right into their hands.  If we continue to let ignorance, indifference, and laziness marshal our actions then we are no better than what they take us for, a mindless mob of workers to be exploited, used up, and cast away when done.


About thedailyheard

Just a guy with an opinion and some time on my hands trying to find out where the sidewalk really does end.

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  1. Hi there,
    Thank you for posting this. I am not an American, so difficult for me to share in your opinions. However, I have a question that always sits at the back of my mind. Are we (and “we” being the lucky people living in a world where there is water) not just too busy with keeping it together for the private sphere? I don’t believe people are sheep, I rather believe you can categorize every opinion, just as we categorize our posts, and people can choose where to belong for this time or the next, maybe move on to a new category next time around. Choosing a camp is not weakness, right, there is no need to reinvent the wheel with every election. The ones who complain seem to be in the wrong category. Happy holiday week-end!

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