Monopoly isn’t just a game, it’s the American way

Showing the inherent risk of a monopoly game that is riggedWhat does it take for the American people to sit up and take notice that the majority of companies in our country are pitting us against one another while they rob us blind?   This isn’t a new phenomenon either.  It has been going on for thousands of years.  It is a tactic that kings, sultans, emperors, and dictators have utilized in order to create rifts between different sects of people, so that their focus is on combating one another rather than on the corrupt practices that their leaders were committing against them.  But now that the power structure has shifted, it is no longer the kings, emperors, or even the presidents, that have all the power.  It is their financiers that have all the real clout.  The multinational companies and conglomerate corporations buy politicians’ loyalty by using political action committees (PACs) to drive their agendas.  They have bought clout and influence over these lawmakers, they’re known as lobbyist, in order to manipulate or “persuade” legislation that is favorable to their corporate interests.   The policy makers, politicians, and of course the media fall into line believing whatever fictionalized truths they spin in order to keep their pockets lined with the millions of dollars that are spent on this process.  And they do this with a deluge of false information, rhetoric, and blatant lies that they tell right to our faces.  Then when they do break the law to reach whatever ends they want they are protected by these same people they bought off previously.  They have us coming and going.  While the politicians pretend to be the shepherds we are like the mindless flock of sheep, grazing with our heads our down, oblivious to the corruption around us, while they are making deals with the wolves the are supposed to be protecting us from.

The idea that racism, creationism, communism, religious persecution, or even gay marriage are masquerading as real political platforms to be debated for the sake of the general populace is a complete fallacy.  Yes, it is true that all of these issues exist, but they have all been created and propagated by the same people that later swoop in as our champions to combat the problems.  These social topics have all been the creations of leaders and despots for centuries hoping to divide us.  They want to stop the proletariat and plebeians whom they fear from rising up and taking what is rightfully all of ours to share.  There have always been ploys used to divert attention away from what is really happening.  And our country is no different. I say our country because it is the fact that this country is filled with a diverse, eclectic, freedom seeking, idealistic, and brave populace that is what gives us our strength.  But the ability for us to be so easily manipulated and divided is our greatest weakness.

If you don’t believe me that this is happening, all you have to do is pick up a newspaper, or click on a new link and read what is going on in this country. One unconcealed example of this rampant corruption is Meredith Baker. She was the president of the FCC, the commission that is supposed to protect us from companies engaging in unfair mergers and acquisitions and forming monopolies. Using her position as president, Ms. Baker became very outspoken about not only allowing, but in expediting the rapid merger of Comcast and NBC, which would give them an unfair, almost monopoly-type share of the broadcasting world. Then she resigned from the FCC to become the president and CEO of that very company. Coincidence? No. Unethical? Yes. Illegal? Well, it should be, but she is laughing it up all the way to the bank. And this is not an isolated incident.

So is this what a free market looks like, corruption of government agencies to do as one pleases? Is this what freedom means to the corporations that are pushing for less governmental interference? That is not a free market. A free market is never truly free because there are still rules and regulations that govern it. The people that are supporters of a free market economy and that sing its praises are the ones that want rules removed that are limiting their ability to manipulate an already corrupt system. Every company wants to eliminate its competition and have the entire market to themselves for their respective product. Then they are left to set the prices themselves thus eliminating the true price setting curves of a competitive free market system. They want to have a monopoly so that they, in essence, can become the market and set prices. It is every business’s goal to reach this point. This is what the holy grail of every business’s 20-year projection should be. They all want to have complete and total control of the market for their product. As the heads of companies, that is what their job should be. Just as it is the necessary duty of the government to curtail their attempt at this kind of corporate domination.

These companies are like hungry babies or a newborn puppies. Left to their own devices their desire to feed and nourish themselves will not be quenched until they have consumed so much that they have caused injury to themselves or to the teat from which they are sucking.  They must be forced to stop since they can and will not do so of their own volition.  That right wingers is where “big government” needs to step in.  Unfortunately, for all of us hard working Americans, the 99% as some may call us, the politicians themselves have discovered that there is room for them on the teat, as well.   Unfortunately, we are mom on who’s teats these guys are sucking.  We, the tax payers, the consumers, the ones who are actually putting money back into the economy are being sucked dry.

banker winner in game of monopoly and in life


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