A call to arms to the people of Ohio

If the Egyptians were able to oust Mubarak, the Libyans Gaddafi, and the Tunisians President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, then surely the people of Ohio can put an end to Boehner’s reign of terror.  What’s funny is that I have been to Ohio and the people there didn’t appear to be ultra rich conservatives, white supremacists, or slow, simple imbeciles.  But to keep electing this guy, well then they obviously must be.  Boehner is the Antichrist, Hitler, and the dark lord of the Sith all rolled into one overly tanned, deceitful politician.  He is single-handedly heading the fight to stop all legislation that is attempting to help this country.  Never before have I seen a politician so brazenly oppose the president as he attempts to thwart every policy he enacts, simply to be adversarial. No matter how the legislation or policy will affect the people of America, he will purposely come down on the other side of it based solely on party line politics.  He is just being contrite to policies because they came from Barrack Obama’s administration.  He has clearly made it his mission to ensure that this administration fails and along with it, America.  His policy stances and his articulated conjecture have not even been close to supporting the general American populace.  People of Ohio, it is time to take up arms, mark your ballots, and stop this guy.  All you have to do is elect ANYONE else who is running for his position.  Anyone at all.  I mean who is running against this guy that keeps losing?

Satan from southpark sitting on his throneWell, if it really is this guy, I think they are going to the same tanning salon.

America in 2012 has truly turned into the same kind of political atmosphere that was present when our forefathers in 1775 mutinied against the British under the mantra “no taxation without representation.” And as history often does, it is repeating itself.  It is all happening the same way again.  The government is not working for the people right now, it is working for the corporations.  It is working for the supposed “job creators” who don’t seem to be creating any jobs other than jobs for each other.  And while we are talking about jobs, let’s talk about Steve Jobs.  A man that everyone couldn’t wait to canonize after his untimely and sad death.  Why?  He was no saint.  He is rich and famous because he was able to create a product that kept consumers consuming at alarming rates.  He did what all these guys want to do, he made you a “junkie” to his product and he and his company are the pusher.  But I digress, this isn’t about business men, I expect them to try to make as much money as they can.  I don even blame the politicians, they are doing what they have always done, which is pander to the masses in order to keep themselves in power.  I don’t blame the liars, the charlatans, or the swindlers in office for what they are doing.  I blame the American people.  If they don’t have sense enough to realize that these guys are playing them for fools, well then they are just as foolish as these guys think you are.  They believe if they use a few choice words here and there, threaten your “safety” or worse, the safety of your money that you will fall in line with what ever they are saying.   And you do.  They know most people don’t want to fall outside of the general consensus, travel to far outside of their comfort zones, and don’t want to take responsibility for their actions.  So they easily allow the blame to be placed elsewhere, finding a scapegoat wherever possible, even though they themselves are the perpetrators of the crimes alleged.  If it weren’t so sad and infuriating, it would be quite comical.

This whole situation reminds me of the scene in Casablanca at Rick’s when the police chief comes in to raid the place for illegal gambling, and then collects his winnings for his bets at the same time.

One of the issue that drew a lot  of heat to the Obama administration were the continued payroll tax cuts at the beginning of the year.  No one in their right mind would want to have the payroll tax cuts, and budget for that matter, extended for just the 2 months that were proposed.  But the Republicans painted the Democrats into a corner and would only agree to that short term fix for the budget unless Obama signed off on the Oil-sand Key Stone pipeline.  Then after they attempt to torpedo the plan they come out in the media saying they want a year-long budget because that is what’s best for the people.  They had the audacity to lie on camera and on public record because no one in America pays attention.   Along with their new proposed budget they added provisions that were terrible for the 99% of us, the working class, the environment, and all the cute and fuzzy bunnies in nature, but benefited greatly corporations.  Which is wonderful for their true constituents,  but leaves the rest of us out to dry.  By doing this they are trying to vilify the president and appear to be the saviors of America.  This is yet another example of how the battle between these two parties are tearing America apart.  Obama is doing the best job he can given the circumstances when he took office.  Obama is the champion for the people.  Why would all of these corporations give so much money and support all of his opponents if they were poised to lose even more of their profit cushion by his policies.  If we don’t support him we are voting for our own economic demise.  Let me leave you with this, if there is an oil shortage, why are gas companies making record profits?  Stand for something America, or risk falling for anything.

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