Free Tibet, but America, that will cost you

Every time that president Barrack Obama meets with Hu Jintao during his visits to the United States to discuss relations between the two nations it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  It isn’t because I have anything against Jintao, or that I don’t like the Chinese.  It is that I don’t trust the Chinese president and his intentions.  The impetus behind Jintao’s visit is to proclaim that China, an antidemocratic, self-proclaimed socialist country (which has proven akin to a dictatorship) would like to be on equal footing diplomatically with the United States of America.  During some of these visits in the last year with the US discussions have ranged in topics and seriousness, all the while Jintao has assured Obama that the US has nothing to fear from China militarily or financially.  That in fact they want to “strengthen” their friendship with the USA.  That is strange, since I don’t remember Obama claiming that we were fearful of them, so why then would they bring it up, unless they were indeed a threat?  Jintao hasn’t merely been visiting America to have diplomatic “meet and greets” with the president.  He has been here to check on China’s property. Like the bank president coming to check on the vast plantation that the poor widow McDanniel can no longer afford right before he forecloses on it.

Let us look back into the annals of history to determine who we are dealing with here.  China has always been a world power.  They were light years ahead of everyone else in the world politically, in the arts and sciences, and militarily for centuries.  It wasn’t until modern history, the 18 and 19 hundreds that due to internal problems like civil unrest and famine, and then outside problems in the form of military defeats, which led to foreign occupation, which ended their reign as a dominant world force.  China was taken over by the English, conquered using weapons containing a substance of Chinese creation.  Then during England’s reign at the top a burgeoning new country took over with the use of a slave-backed economy and the use of the atomic bomb, was able to supplant England as the new dominant global force. Now that America is at the top, doesn’t mean that the quest for world domination game is over.  It’s not like China lost and is giving up and going home.  No, they are the kid at the arcade that looks like they robbed a change depository.  They have a sack full of quarters and they are going to keep on trying until they succeed.  Just because we would like to hit the pause button and keep us on top, does not mean that is the case.  The rest of the world still wants to be on top.  And China, Russia, Japan, and to a lesser extent England, Italy, Germany, Iran all want to be world powers, to regain the dominance they once had.  They have not forgotten what it was like to be on top and once again hope to climb back up to what they believe is their rightful places.  We have become complacent, fat and lazy, which is exactly what happens right before the collapse of great empires.  Time does not stand still.  In fact if time tells us anything, it is that great empires rise, and great empires fall.  It is only a matter of time until the United States of America takes its rightful place in the annals of history as the great nation that eventually fell into itself.

China has always striven for world supremacy. They have been a force to be reckoned with for 4000 years for those of you keeping score at home that is 40 centuries. To put that into some sort of perspective, the United States has only been a country for 2 and half centuries. The Chinese bid for world domination is not going to stop because the year is 2010. These are a people that have endured for 4 millennia. They understand patience, long term planning, and sacrifice. If it takes them another 200 years to get back on top, they will wait, plan, undermine, scheme, connive, and do what ever it takes to return to their place at the head of the table.

The idea that China wants to be friends with the USA is as laughable as the scene in Tim Burton’s movie Mars Attacks!  The scene of which I speak is when we humans first make contact with the Aliens that have landed on the planet. The aliens greet the welcoming party by attacking them and killing all of the people who showed up. When we open up communications with the aliens to find out what all the murder and mayhem was about, they say it was a misunderstanding and are sorry for what they did. Even though we can see with our own eyes that they are indeed hostile, we need to believe that what they are saying it the truth. Even though their actions clearly show something else we agree to meet with them again and they do the same thing.  It is like we are unable to qualify their actions for ourselves, so whatever acrid lie spews forward from their mouths we believe. We don’t want to believe that we are under attack. We need to feel safe and in control. We are the like the little kid who in the middle of the night hears a sound in his room and instead of getting up to investigate, pulls the covers over his head and cowers in fear. He would rather believe that what he hears is not real, even when the burglar pops thru his window. He will continue to deny what is happening because the truth is too traumatic. It is the victim mentality. And it is exactly the same as what we have allowed China to do to us and our response has been the same.

The idea that we are going to be taken over in a manner that movies like Red Dawn or The Day After the War Began (even though that is based in Australia) is a farce. They are no more than a creation of the overworked imaginations of Hollywood execs hoping to cash in on the memories of fears stemming from the Cold War.  America is THE world super power as far as military forces go. Technologically, training wise, logistically, and actual equipment owned and operated, we are light years ahead of the competition.  No one is going to try to take us on headfirst. The concept of warfare the way it has been is an outdated notion.  Just like we do not line up in fields dressed in red and blue coats, with soldiers carrying drums and flags marching in straight lines towards each other anymore, nor will wars be waged in the same manor as they were during the first 2 world wars. We are in essence, militarily speaking, Michael Jordan.  And no one is going to challenge Jordan to a game of one on one. If you want to beat the champ, you don’t play him in the game that he is best in. No, if one wants to beat Jordan you pick something that he “thinks” he can win in. Something like baseball or golf.  Two of Jordan’s biggest flops have come at the expense of those sports.  That is how you beat Jordan, that is how you beat America. You don’t come at us with your military; you attack us where we are most vulnerable, our wallets. We are a country of consumers. We want everything and can afford nothing.  We will go into debt in order to keep up the notion of pecuniary emulation.  The idea of keeping up with the Jones’ although now I guess it would be closer to keeping up with the Kardashians as the show is so aptly named.  This is not just some musing of a bored dilettante philosopher with nothing to do, this is a slice of reality.  This is happening.  We have been borrowing money from China at such an alarming rate that when we get our Visa bill at the end of the month we are going to have no other choice but to sell the farm to the bank.  The Bank of China. They will have conquered the US without even having lifted a finger, fired a bullet, or lost any casualties.

We need to take notice.  China, although politically being subtle, are stomping around in steel-toed boots letting us know that they are coming.  We need to stop being so complacent and gluttonous.  We need to shore up our economy and spend money on American products and on American manufacturing.  Spend money on refurbishing our infrastructure replacing and refitting the skeletal system of our cities.  Hold companies responsible for fraud, price gauging, and corrupt business practices that have become common place for big business.  We need to revitalize our educations system, spending money on taking educating our kids to make them viable in the new world order, instead of punishing teachers and students alike with policies like NCLB.  The people need to support our elected politicians regardless of political affiliations.  The political parties need to stop spreading their political vitriol because they are upset about losing control of an office or region. At the end of the day we are all Americans. Infighting and civil divides will only lead to our downfall. Keep with the desire to win, but first and foremost should be the desire to propagate the American way of life. We need to worry less about reality TV, the Kardashian’s and Hilton’s of the world, and worry about Wall Street and Bernie Madoffs of the America.  Because if we do not, in about 50 years we will be the United States of the Republic of China.


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