Intellect by association

I watched a few episodes of the show Big Bang Theory last night to see what all the hype was about.  Before I complain about losing 90 minutes of my life that I will never get back, something positive did come from me watching the show.  I can now confidently affirm that this show sucks.  In fact it strengthened my assertion that there aren’t any good shows on network television any more.  The droll humor, the off-putting tone and delivery of their dialogue intended to convey the level of their intelligence, and the overall disdain for everyone but their nerd brethren made me sad to have an IQ over 90.  If I were like the rest of the audience, I would be too stupid to realize they are making fun of them.  The audience believes that since they are able to follow the dialogue and the humor of the characters in the show that they are somehow as smart as the characters the actors are portraying.  But, they are not the people they are watching.  They share none of their characteristics other than their awkward social skills, their desire to stay in rather than go out, and their misguided belief that they are some how superior to the masses.  They are actually the stupid people they are referencing in the show. It is the delusion that by watching a show about super smart nerds and finding it funny that they are smart too that I find the most humorous about it.

I understand that people watch TV to escape.  They want to kick back with a cold one, a slice of pizza, and turn the brain off for a few hours while they recharge their batteries after a hard day’s work.  But escape to a place better than this.  This is analogous to jumping out of the frying pan and into, umm, a child sized room with the lamest, most socially inept people who you know.  And, that room is on fire.  Actually that is a bad analogy, because in it your pain and suffering subside faster than the 30 minutes it takes for an episode of BBT to play out.  The more accolades that this show racks up, the more seasons it’s going to stay on TV vicariously allowing people to think they too, are as smart as the witless dialogue being uttered by these characters on BBT.  Which, I might mention, is aptly named since throughout the episodes I watched, I was hoping that the universe would once again “expand” at an exponential rate creating temperatures in excess of 1 billion (10 to the 9th power) degrees Kelvin, so hot in fact that atoms couldn’t even form, thus ending the torture that was watching this show.

This apparent “intellect by association” or better yet observation is laughable.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  They are just as dumb as they have always been.  The main purpose for watching this show, well, any show for that matter, is still to be fodder for the advertising executives who so desperately want you to sit and stare at the TV as long as you can.  Then when you are nice and susceptible bash you over the head with their catchy jingles and half naked women.  Then after they have inundated you with enough subliminal and repetitive product placements, they wait for you to run out and buy their products.   All I know is that enormous rodents wearing sweat pants that like to dance to house music prefer economical cars, Lance Armstrong was able to win as many Tour De Frances as he did because of low carb beer he drinks, that I need an erection to last 4 hours for when the mood strikes me, and that I need a phone that will allow me to do everything 18 seconds faster than my coworkers.

The people who watch this show are the same kind of people who thought that the pedantic, haughty humor of Frasier was lined with sophistication and wit.  It wasn’t, and this show isn’t either.  Sure, it had some funny one-liners and some well-timed banter, but mostly it was pompous and smug, same as Big Bang Theory.  The idea that people get their self-worth and measure their intellect based on a TV show only goes to lower my already dwindling opinion of my fellow-man.  Once again the network that brings us this little gem lives up to its name since we all get to C-B-S.


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