We salute you for a job well done

Let’s take a moment out of our day off to show our appreciation to the men and women that have fought, and continue to fight for the freedom and preservation of this country.  The men and women that have given their lives in order for us to have the freedoms and liberties we experience on a daily basis.  It is these same men and women that travel around the world making sure that the American way of life is not only preserved, but is a constant reminder of the grandeur of what can be when people work together.  It so often happens that Americans lose sight of the fact that it is not these courageous men and women that have given their time, body parts, minds, and lives that choose when and where these fights are waged.  They are only one arm of the larger body of diplomacy that politicians use in their dealings with other sovereign nations.  They should not be disparaged with criticism and speculation, but congratulated for doing what most of us wouldn’t.  These are brave men and women that march, swim, parachute, and strike where they are ordered to fulfil the missions they are given.  The politicians that send them into these places to fight these controversial  conflicts should be the ones who warrant the brunt of our frustration and discontent.  But this blog was not written to censure the often questionable actions of these politicians, but rather to celebrate and honor these fine folks that comprise our armed forces.  Make sure that today, scratch that, everyday, we thank the people in our military for putting their lives on the line to protect our way of life.

Which brings me to an idea that I have had for quite some time and would like some people to support this in order to bring it to fruition.  I am not the originator of this idea, but i hope that i can be the one to make it a reality.   There is a movie by the name of  Star Ship Troopers which is where this idea I am about to put forth is gleaned from.  I really think that in this country if you would like to have the full rights of an American citizen, you should have to serve 2 years in the military or in a foreign service group (ie Peace corps).  This is very much like other countries (ex. Turkey, Austria, Colombia) where everyone must serve in the army.  However, with this plan you have the right to choose not to serve as well.  If you do not serve, you just will lose a few rights, like the right to vote, or the ability, to run for public office.  But other than that, you will not lose any other rights.  Just because we are born in America does not necessarily mean that we have a vested interest in seeing America succeed.  So many people I know are so self-absorbed and self-indulgent that they don’t even know what is going on outside of their 10 meter radius bubble they have created.  I believe that if people had to actually “build” with their own two hands a piece of America, they would take some ownership of this country and not be so easily swayed and manipulated by the false ads and media manipulation that we are inundated with.  If we all took part in maintaining this country, then we would not be as willing to let it be torn asunder by greedy politicians and manipulative special interest groups.  We need a group of people that want to participate in supporting what America stands for.   These people are truly the citizens of this country, and are a reflection of the freedom, hope, and power that the United States has become synonymous with around the world.

Until my vision has been realized, we have the men an women who are currently in the Armed Forces or have been in them previously, that are owed a debt of gratitude.  And although we should say this everyday, let’s not wait until there is a tragedy like the one in Arizona earlier today, and let’s all collectively say “Thank You!”


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