There’s something wrong with the world today

(written last year, but still relevant today)

I couldn’t help but have these lyrics from the Aerosmith song echo over and over again in my head as I watched a news video clip on-line today about a 15-year old girl who was gang rapped today in San Francisco, at Richmond High School. What the F@*K people?!?!  Really, rape? In high school?!  I have so many things to say about this I am not sure where to start.  My first inclination was to yell and scream at the school officials for doing nothing about this when it happened…oh yeah, in case you are not clear on the details of the story it was 4 to 7 boys/men (although I struggle to use that word to describe them–cowards would be more apt) raped her for 2 and a half hours! TWO and a HALF HOURS, on school ground no less!! But this is the kicker, the coup de grace if you will, there was a crowd gathered around her the entire time! AND not only did they not help this girl, they videoed it on their phones and some even participated as others cheered them on.  This is sick,sick, sick!  All of these little shits should be prosecuted.  This is a sad commentary on our society, a sad showing for our schooling in America not providing a safe environment for our children, and once again showing how we are breeding ourselves back to the stone ages.  These kids should be tried like adults and then after they are convicted and sentenced to prison they will know what it feels like to be a “helpless woman” as they are repeatedly gang rapped and molested in prison.  But don’t get me started on the dilapidated and corrupt state of affairs of our penal system.

How dare we invade sovereign nations, have the audacity to wag our fingers and look down our noses at other countries’ practices and beliefs when we do exactly the same things that we accuse them of.  It is sick that we use the guise of democracy, freedom, human rights, or whatever else the media blitzers can conjure up to try to hoodwink Americans into believing that we must invade these countries to “save” them from themselves.  Who’s gonna save them from us?  Our 2 biggest celebrities that the media is inundating us with right now are the sister of a girl who is famous for making a sex tape and a overly fertile woman who’s husband has had it with her insanity and is cheating on her.  Really, these are our American role models?  The same media that is deitizing these nobodies are the same media that demonize Angelina Jolie and Madonna for their philanthropic efforts of adopting third world children. The media  claims they are doing this solely for publicity and are in fact making these kids lives worse by introducing them to this media circus that surround those two stars.  Hello, you are the ring masters news shows, pull the cameras and the spotlights if you don’t want to subject these kids to that kind of a “circus,” and then they can raise their families in privacy.  The problem is that if they were to do that then nothing would happen to these families at all.  they would continue to be loving families.  The media accuses them of seeking publicity by staying in the public eye.   Are you kidding me?  These people are already uber-famous.   Have you seen their houses, have you seen their wealth?!? They have the means to care for a 100 children comfortably.   I wish one of them would adopt me.   It is the people that you cover to exhaustion, the Gosselin’s, the “Girls Next Door”, the balloon boy, they are the ones after celebrity and publicity.   But our society feeds on suffering, strife, and scandal.  And the beast we have created is well-fed and obese, and grows hungrier with every passing day.  Stop the consumption and you stop the beast.  But by doing that you are ending your job.  News organizations have become scavengers that only prey on the death and misery of life.

We have one of the most qualified (at least on paper) presidents we have had in a LONG time in office, and down the street from my house we have parents pulling their kids out of school when he is coming to speak to them because they don’t agree with his “politics.”  When did the word politics become synonymous with skin color?! It is no wonder that the kids of America are running amuck.  These terrible atrocities are happening at the rate they are, because there is no one “steering the ship.”  Parents want to be friends with their kids instead of being parents.  We have an irresponsible, self proclaimed entertainment-only news media, promoting ignorance and anger instead of tolerance and education.   This is  has become the culture of our society.  When I hear about events like I talked about at the beginning of this post it makes me realize that this is not happening to someone else, it is happening to all of us.  It is what Malcolm X expressed in one of his speeches, and of course I am paraphrasing, but these are OUR chickens coming home to roost. These are the seeds that we have planted coming to fruition. It is our reflection staring back at us in the mirror, and I hope that you, like me don’t like what you see.  And to paraphrase once again another brilliant, courageous leader, Mahatma Gandhi, we must be the change we wish to see in the world.  Step up your game people, it only takes one snow flake to start an avalanche…

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Just a guy with an opinion and some time on my hands trying to find out where the sidewalk really does end.


  1. I am happy this was written a year ago… on the one hand, it makes me want to wish it was not (as you wrote) relevant today. What a terrible thing! Women condition, colour of skin, colonialism… so many topics covered in your article. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I can’t understand the stuff on TV either. I guess people watch that nonsense for two reasons.

    1. They literally want to turn off their brains.
    2. It makes them feel better about their own lives.

    There are so many cool and positive things to share with each other, such as:
    1. e-Town radio program
    2. Random Kid
    3. Your local debate league for students, it’s really fun and easy to be a judge
    4. Rotary Clubs organize in most major cities and strive to improve their local community.
    5. TED Talks

    Keep looking, and watch out for the things that can make a difference.

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