Dont talk to strangers

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I don't know, this guy seems legit

I am no longer five years old.  I may act the part both emotionally and mentally, but physically I have outgrown my Under Roos.  If a person I do not know comes up to me and engages me, I no longer blow my whistle and stomp around in a circle yelling “Stranger Danger, Stranger Danger!”  But I fail to see how in today’s society it is that from age 5 till now we seem to have lost that little nugget of knowledge about not trusting strangers.  I know that before we met any of our friends they were strangers.  If we were to just holistically stop all contact with people we didn’t know, it would make for a bitter society.  But the rules that people adhere to in their day to day “real” lives seems to be quite different than the ones they follow in their nightly social networking lives.  The equivalent of “friending” someone on Facebook, Linkedin, or whatever social site you use is like me walking up to a stranger and handing him my wallet, all my photo albums, my journal, the keys to my house, and pretty much any pertinent information they might need on how to break any of my passwords and safety protocols on my secure internet sites.  We have essentially decided to ride the internet bareback down the dirt road.

It isn’t too much to consider that safety should be our first and foremost concern.  When we turn on the internet and open a browser we are opening a window into a virtual world.  A world inhabited by other people looking to wander around the social highways and biways that cyberspace allows us to travel. From that window people can gain access to our lives same as we can gain access to theirs.  We need to make sure that we secure those windows, so that a multitude of visitors can not “drop by” whenever they choose.  Being vigilant with our security is not a bad thing.  It is a necessary evil, like fire or water, both deadly when used incorrectly, but both essential and beneficial to sustaining life.  Maybe the internet doesn’t quench my thirst, cook my food, or keep me warm at night but it does nourish my brain, my curiosity, and makes life much more convenient and fun.

All I am saying is stop posting a running account of your daily lives on line.  The boring nonsensical dribble that spews out of these social sites on an hourly basis is more information than your stalker would probably want or need.  Make sure you “friend” your actual friends on line.  Follow the same rules you would use in your daily life in your cyber one, and live a happier safer life.

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Just a guy with an opinion and some time on my hands trying to find out where the sidewalk really does end.

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