Make love not war

I turned on my computer and saw that 30 soldiers died when their helicopter was shot down by Afghan soldiers as they were attempting a rescue mission.  Some were SEAL team members, some were regular soldiers, but all of them were American heroes giving their lives for a country they believe in.  But does this country believe in them is the question that begs asking.  Why are we still fighting?  More importantly what are we fighting for?  Are we afraid of big bad Afghanistan?  I have seen pictures of Afghanistan and the poorest places in Mexico are like, “Things are bad here, but at least we don’t live in Afghanistan!”

I understood why the two wars were waged initially in Iraq and Afghanistan.  And although I didn’t believe in them, that is just what countries do, they attack and invade each other.  Why should we be any different?  This is a country founded on the backs of slave labor, shady real estate deals, Native American genocide, and a whole host of other atrocities, it’s not like we have all of a sudden grown a conscious.    I am in no way condoning the actions of the policy makers of this country, I am just saying I understand.  Part of the reason we were there was as basic as wanting revenge or mounting a reprisal attack, as it is more diplomatically known, for the events that took place on 9/11, even though these people had little to do with those attacks.  But the real reasons we were there was that the president at the time wanted to continue the pursuit of his daddy’s tormentor in Iraq, we had an insatiable desire to control Iraq’s oil fields, we wanted to control Afghanistan’s flow of natural gas, and we wanted to control a place that serves as a strategic area to have our troops positioned in an unstable spot in the world.

However, it’s been a decade, the man we were after is dead, WMD were never found, the profit from the stolen oil from Iraq is not flowing into our country’s pockets and more importantly is not part of our revenue stream, and Haliburton sure as hell didn’t share any of their profits they made in Iraq with America. If we are going to pay for the war, we should at least profit from it.  “To the victor goes the spoils.”  If we have all of the costs associated with the war and none of the benefit, then the argument could be made that we are a mercenary force clearing the way for private enterprise.  But if you don’t want to go down that road, then answer the following question; why are we still there? If we leave those countries, as tumultuous and unstable as they are, they have no way to reach our shores. They can’t wage a reprisal attack against us.   And they wouldn’t even if they could.  They are sovereign nations with their own customs and leaders, and are suffering from their own problems that they need to deal with.

We too are a country in turmoil.  We are on the doorstep of collapse, and we seem to be emphatically ringing the doorbell with the policy decisions we keep making.  Our environment is irrevocably being destroyed, our infrastructure is slowly crumbling, our job market is void of jobs, we are no longer creators but consumers, the banks and the corporations blatantly lie to Congress and the courts and face no repercussions for their actions.   The American public is no help either.   They are so easily distracted and satiated with fictitious stories about falsified birth certificates and Muslim beliefs that were fabricated to smear our president and occupy their attention.  Instead of focusing on the transgressions that were taking place in banks, in Congress, on Wall Street, and with our money and jobs.  It was as if they were audience members at a magic show, sitting and watching wide-eyed as the magician waved his “left” hand drawing the attention away from his “right” hand that was unhooking your watch and snatching the wallet out of your pocket.  They were so easily duped that they couldn’t see through their own mob-like mentality and desire to watch Obama fail, that they sat idly by as their country was being torn asunder from within.

We need to focus on ourselves.  The time for being the world’s police is over.  They don’t want, need, or deserve our help.  We need to help ourselves.  Instead of joining the Peace Corp and heading to Africa, Bosnia, or India, head to Detroit, Cleveland, and Fontana and take care of those people.  These people also need your help and share your nationality.  We need to get over the racial and social barriers that have ignorantly separated us and kept us blind to what is actually going on around us.  We need to unite against the banks, barons, and politicians that are readily for sale, and take back what we can while we still can.

We have become the laughing stock of the world. We are a country with a multitude of problems telling everyone else what is wrong with them.  We are the rich, White, drunk socialite wife at a party gossiping about everyone else’s problems, while our philandering husband molests the help, our gallivanting daughters spreads her legs like butter on toast, our miscreant son steals from his classmates, all while deluding ourselves with a fifth of scotch and fighting off old age with a fake orange tan, silicone boobs, and shots of botox.  We are a joke, a caricature of our former selves.  And we are capturing it on “reality TV” for the prosperity of anthropologists to see what a country looks like right before it implodes.


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