Living well in the new year

As unrealistic, self-imposed expectations in the form of New Year’s resolutions loom over you in this, the second week of the New Year, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to accomplish at least one of the goals you’ve set out to achieve. It’s the same goal you set for yourself every year, and every year by the third week you have already started cheating, are in the process of giving up, and differing it until next year. Well there is no need for you to be disappointed in yourself anymore. If you take the time to gain the knowledge and adhere to the principals of awareness needed to achieve your goals, you will have that healthier, tighter, stronger, sexier body that you wanted for the New Year. You must be vigilant, be mentally determined, and stay aware of what you consume, when you consume it, and the quantity of what you put into your body. If you can do that, your goal of shaping a new you in the New Year will be that much closer to becoming a reality.


Know the big three: Fats, Proteins, and Carbs
Your diet should be comprised of all three of these components. You need carbohydrates for energy and nutrients, you need protein to build and maintain muscle development, and you need fats to ensure proper digestion and lubrication of essential joints in your body. Your in take ratio should be somewhere in the 55-35-10 ratio, the biggest being protein and the smallest being fats. You want to make sure you are eating lean proteins, fish, chicken, and even lean pork. You want to eat complex carbohydrates more than simple carbs. You will have to do a little research to discover the differences between the two, but generally, fruits are simple, green veggies, oats, and brown rice are complex. Stay way from white carbs, and try substituting a sweet potato or yam for a regular potato or rice. This doesn’t’ mean don’t eat fruit; just eat them in moderation and never before bedtime. And as far as fats go, stick to avocados, cooking with extra virgin olive oil, nuts, and unsweetened peanut butter. Try to avoid cheese, in fact if you can avoid all cheeses for the first couple of months it will be for the best.

Interval eating: Avoid big meals
You want to eat in moderation and in intervals of 90 mins to 2 hours. You should try to eat small 350 to 500 calorie meals, with 100-calorie snacks in between. You need to abandon the notion that eating to get full is how your body operates at its best, and should eat enough to maintain your energy level. Your body is a machine and it functions best when it has fuel, but is not oversaturated. If you eat small meals often your body’s metabolism will constantly be working burning the calories you want to get rid of. If you don’t the extra energy you are consuming will be saved in your body as deposits of fat, and fat is what you are trying to get rid of.

Fish, it’s what you want to eat.
I have eaten a lot of chicken and although I do love me some chicken it can get a little monotonous after a while. Its good to have a protein you can substitute in, that tastes good, and is good for you. Fish is a wonderful source of good fats and proteins and can and should be eaten at least 3 times a week if possible. There have been reports that eating a lot of fish is bad for you because of contaminants such as mercury and parasites that occur in the fish farming process. That is true. The daunting question then becomes, what are some good healthy fish you should eat? When determining what fish you want to eat there are several things you should keep in mind; you want to eat a fish that is healthy for you, that is sustainable, and that are usually wild caught. There are many websites that have up to date listing of what fish you should be eating. I like to stick to wild caught salmon, tilapia, shrimp, crab, sardines, and trout. They are all wonderful, healthy and sustainable fish you should try to work into your diet. Check out the following website to find out what fish is good for you to eat, but there are many you can use.

Exercise-It’s unavoidable
Despite what you see in the commercials in weight loss ads and get fit quick claims, there are no short cuts to a healthier, fitter, sexier you. You will have to get in the gym or on the road, or on the courts if you want to achieve that beach body of your dreams. Exercise is essential for just maintaining a healthy body and an active lifestyle. There is no need to over due it either. Just remember that if it were easy we would all look like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Well that and genetics. When doing cardio you want to adhere to the 30-minute rule. If you are not doing at least 30 mins of cardio, you are not burning any stored fat. You will want to do around 30 to 45 mins and mix it up. 25 mins on treadmill, 20 mins on the elliptical, or any variation of cardio 3 times a week. The last 15 mins are when the most amount of fat is being burned, so push on through to the end. It doesn’t mater how you get there, just as long as you do. As you become fitter you can add to your routine, exercise more frequently, or do more outdoor activities. You will discover that the endorphins created while exercising will be on par with the high you feel from drinking and eating bad foods. In fact the feeling will be even better because you are making your body healthy in the process. And you will be swelling with confidence.


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