Let’s all send a message

Gil Scott-Heron was correct when he so famously professed in his poem that the “revolution will not be televised.” And the people who will be fighting it will not be on the front lines the way they once were. The revolution in America is made up of armchair soldiers and Internet insurgents. The way this revolution will unfold will be different than those of the past, but a revolution nonetheless is on the horizon.

Our apathy about what transpires in Washington has gone on for far to long, we have been impotent in our ability to taper the reckless and brazen behavior of our elected officials. The politicians have decided to play chicken with our future, our jobs, and our money while they selfishly jockey for political position and fight based on party line politics. This behavior can no longer be tolerated and go on unchecked. It is time we stand up and take back what is ours. And I know just the way that we can do it.

It is an idea born from the same patriotism that started this revolution of ours in the 1700’s and birthed the greatest country the world has ever known. This idea involves everyone that considers himself or herself an American, regardless of ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual preference, social stratification, or political affiliation. In order to work, it will need the support of all nationalistic individuals to work in unison and then in November, when our ballots are cast, our will shall be done. The plan is simple. We will vote every single incumbent congressional member, Republican and Democrat, out of office. That is right, I said everyone.

I am instantly brought back to the scene in The Professional where Gary Oldman tells his henchman to call in the reinforcements. And when he is questioned about it he says again, even more emphatically to send “EVERYONE!”

That is what I am advocating, this is what needs to be done. Every last one of them needs to go. I think it will send a message that will resonate throughout history as the single greatest moment in civil society. It will mark the day when the populace stood in solidarity and declared, “No more. No longer will we sit idly by and let you perfidious pompous political pariahs play with our lives, ruin our economy, mortgage our futures so that you can gain more influence with the companies that bribe you, or allow you to hold your position of power for another two, four, or six years.”

By voting them all out, we will be raising our voices in unison and let them know that this is unacceptable. Our actions are rooted in benevolence and in heroics. We are laying to rest a rabid dog. We are putting down a beast that has become so feral that is has not only bit its master’s hand, it has gone straight for our carotid artery, it has shit in our bed, chewed up all of our furniture, and has tried to put its the leash around our necks.

It is heroic because for us to take on this Goliath sized dog, when we feel like we are David in stature has never been fathomed. Something of this magnitude has never been attempted. Not since the creation of our country has something this far reaching been considered. We are the patriots who are attempting to save this country from the people who have lost sight of their jobs and responsibilities to us and to this nation. We are the protectors of America.

But in order to do this, we all have to register to vote. You need to get the word out to your friends, family, coworkers, strangers, anyone and everyone you know. Do not sit in your safe, non-confrontational bubble and just allow this to happen because you don’t know what you can do. I know all politics seems overwhelming. I know that it seems that we are impotent to do anything against such a large mechanism known as government. But we can, and we will.

I know it seems like one person, one voice, one vote won’t make a difference. But you are wrong. You do matter! Your voice matters, and more importantly, your vote matters! You are the life-blood of this country. There is no United States without the blood, sweat, and tears that the individuals of this nation shed in order to make it strong. We can do this if we work together. We can make the corruption, manipulation, and duplicitous acts in government stop with a single, unified shout of remonstration.


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Just a guy with an opinion and some time on my hands trying to find out where the sidewalk really does end.

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