Knock it off China


Just when you thought I couldn’t talk about China any more, they go and do something so utterly ridiculous that I have to drop everything and write about them, again.  China has become a spoiled, rich brat of a country that is governed by a set of laws that are at odds with everyone they deal with. They have become the Paris Hilton of countries.  They make policies, allow atrocities to transpire, and perpetrate such callous acts that are so brazen and appalling that you are left wondering if they are doing it for attention, or because they truly believe they can get away with it.  We here in America are no stranger to the fact that the Chinese are the champions of the knock off.   They are responsible for so much counterfeit merchandise that people get upset if their “knockoffs” come from one of their rival Asian competitors of the likes of Vietnam or Korea.  But this latest transgression of counterfeiting is so mind blowing that it defies logic.  They counterfeited an entire Apple store.

Yep, you read that correctly, they faked an Apple store.  How ridiculous is that?  It’s not that some of the merchandise is fake, or that they are not a licensed Apple dealer legally allowed to sell Apple products.  Nope that would be run of the mill, normal everyday behavior for China.   I am talking about the ENTIRE store is a complete fabrication. They look like Apple products, they have the familiar Apple logo, the employees are wearing the same outfits that say Apple, their store looks like an Apple store, but everything in the store including the store itself is fake.  From the counterfeit ipads, to the fake name badges reminiscent of back stage passes, to the laptop and desktop computers.  The whole store is a knock off.  To believe that the government, the local authorities, and any other Chinese regulatory agencies aren’t aware of an entire pirated store is asinine.  We need to hold governments that condone these fraudulent companies responsible.  The money that is profited by these fake stores pays for the Chinese government to prosper, while the money stolen away from American companies leaves America in the financial crisis we find ourselves in now.

How are we supposed to compete with a country that doesn’t play by the rules?  There is a reason why China is kicking our ass at everything.  They steal it all from everybody else.  They have cars that look exactly like Mercedes and BMWs, they make the original for the company that orders it and then turns around and uses the same patterns and materials to make knock offs that they flood the market with and garner the same amount of money as the originals.   They know they are in clear violation of international copyright laws.   But they don’t care, because they can’t be enforced in their country. They are creating their own black market, yet it is not only allowed but encouraged by their government.  But this is a step too far.  To have the gumption to knock off entire stores.  A fake Apple store selling fake Apple products is just the tip of the iceberg.  They aren’t even trying to hide it. It is like they are spitting in the faces of all the people that play by the rules and believe in the system.  If they are willing to do this, break laws, lie to their people, lie to us, and take advantage of a system that has made them wealth beyond belief, then we have to be willing to say no.  These people are not our friends.  they are a wolves in sheep clothing and need to be dealt with as such.  When people like, cheat, steal and do it to your face, you need to be willing to go to the mattresses with them.  Because they have forced your hand and chosen how you will respond, you should feel no guilt in doing the same in kind to them.  Without rules we are just monkeys wearing clothes.

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  1. A few years back my wife and I, while living in Japan, took a 5 day tour in China. If you have never been there you have no idea how spot on you are about how the people don’t care what they are doing to a free market. Well, to them, to sell whatever was in their briefcase of goodies or hung in their jacket they were selling is their free market. The knock offs were everywhere. We went a few months prior to the Olympics were held there. Let’s just say if it could have an Olympic symbol on it, the people on the street were pedaling it. We went into a few “markets.” This one we went to had 5 floors. The lower the floor the more of a knock off the product was. This one gentleman that was in our group was looking at suitcases and was disappointed they didn’t have any Samsonite. A person approached him and asked what brand he was looking for. The individual then went to a box and found a metal Samsonite logo and replaced the logo that was originally on the bag with it. There you go, a Samsonite!

    I really like your thinking and opinions in your posts. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading more.

  2. If they continue to undervalue their currency, which they will, and we continue to have them manufacture our goods this will never stop. However we can, which we wont, do our part by demanding the IMF STOP giving CHINA money. WE are funding their military, and have been for some time, by letting them stay on the developing country list that benefits from IMF funds. So even if we stop buying Chinese goods,,,,,our government will keep subsidising them one way or another.
    The largest container ships in the world leave China for the U.S. overfilled with our widgets and leave our ports completely empty. Our drones are falling out of the skies with “Made In China” written on most of the electronics with them in bed with the Iranians. If we don’t demand a complete break with countries like China and the like this problem will just keep growing. I could rant all day about this crap and by the end of the day have three more days of material to rant about.
    Here’s a ?…….If GE is the largest EXPORTER OR JOBS from the U.S. to China why did the president put him in charge of fixing the unemployment problem here in this country? It’s all a sham and if we don’t start vetting the people we vote for… always will be!

  3. I don’t know if a complete break is possible, but we definitely need to get tougher on our trade relations with them. They need to make some concessions or face some sort of consequences. At any rate, glad to see SOMEONE is talking about this. No politicians are.

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