Judicial review

Just as the framers of the constitution felt that a newly revised republic needed to be designed to fit the needs and to fulfill the desires of the populace then, so do our laws and justice system need to be revised and amended today to reflect the nation that America has become since its inception.  It is ridiculous to think that some of the antiquated notions that our country was founded on needs to prevail today.  Just as one would not expect a teenager to still wear the clothes that he did when he was an infant, nor can you expect a nation as grown up and mature as America has become to still don the same rules, laws, and governance that it did during its inaugural years.

Cases like the OJ Simpson verdict, the Casey Anthony verdict, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, the right for a 16 year child to be able to purchase a Mac-10 with extended banana clip, gay marriage, re-hearing of abortion, basic humane conditions for workers, the stripping of union’s rights, and every other ridiculous thing our nations courts have bungled and blundered and come to the wrong conclusion with should be the subject of public scrutiny.  People need to throw up their arms and take to their keyboards and demand from our politicians a change that reflects the desires of the people for which these rulings affect.

When it is apparent to the general public with shows like Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, and other such travesties that are supposed to highlight the low lights of the circuit courts that have become a three ring circus and freak show, and have made a mockery of the American justice system.  For too long these morons have set on high and handed out what they feel is their version of justice.  Well who in the hell are they?  Did we forget that behind their condescending speeches, gavels and black robes that they are just people too.  They should be held accountable for their rulings, their corny sentences they hand down, and the perversion of justice that happens on a daily basis inside their courtrooms.

What is it going to take before people realize that we need to change this system?  And more importantly it is our right and duty to do so?  The courtroom should not be a place where the innocents’ rights get trampled on, a place where the guilty know how to successfully navigate the system, and a place where the people who preside over them have free reign to do whatever it is that they want.  Have we learned nothing from the debacle with the Catholic Church with all of their priests running amuck?  Are we doing the whole, “head in the sand” thing and pretending that it is not happening?  Because on a daily basis the court system is ramming us in the ass as if we were a 10 year old altar boy before morning mass.  By the way, what has happened to any of those priests?  Proof yet again that our justice system is seriously diverged from its original purpose.  It is time for a change.

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Just a guy with an opinion and some time on my hands trying to find out where the sidewalk really does end.

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