“Drill baby, drill!”

How can anything that Sarah Palin endorses be bad? I think we should all just say fuck the environment, kick puppies, sock kittens in the face, and club baby harp seals. What good are they anyway when there is good oil under the areas where they live? Why do we even need national parks for that matter? That is just a bunch of vacant land that is waiting to be commercialized. Think of all the money we are losing by letting it just sit there, not being used.

Of course by we, I mean the few moguls that will sell that land off and probably pay no taxes to the government while turning a monstrous profit. But there are mountains everywhere, and the last time I checked there are forests full of trees everywhere. So why don’t we just rip through every national park, cut down the trees and make something useful out of them? Its not like they serve any other purpose other than taking up space. How many houses can be built and jobs created by logging these “protected” forests. And what is the delay with getting this Keystone XL pipeline built? It will be transporting some of the dirtiest oil known to man from Canada to the Gulf cutting a path through the middle of the continental United States. If it were to spill, it would be a catastrophe of epic proportions polluting and contaminating those areas completely. But no one really lives in that part of the country, and the areas that are densely populated are pretty messed up anyway.

Furthermore, the way we are managing our resources on this planet we are all going to be out of food, space, and drinkable water in about 100 years anyway, so why preserve our environment? Global warming is just something made up by people with advance degrees in climate studies, people who have dedicated their lives to studying the impact of deforestation and drilling on our planet, and lead field research teams on expeditions into regions that have been devastated by these effects. What do they know? They are only interested in creating some controversy so they can continue to get funding.

Exxon Valdez–NBC.com

Who should Americans believe, people that are smart and who are vying for more money to “study” the effects of pollution or the fine people at the oil companies who are trying to keep America safe and strong? I mean really, who could be more trustworthy than the people at the oil companies or heading the logging industries? They have spent millions of dollars ensuring that the areas they are drilling in and deforesting are done so in a safe and responsible manner. They wouldn’t risk billions of dollars of their money only to have an accident happen that could catastrophically alter our planet. That would be unheard of and completely uncharacteristic of companies such as Exxon and British Petroleum (BP). These companies value human and animal life equally and don’t care to see accidents happen. Besides if oil leaked or spilled out of the pipes or oil rigs that they use to drill or transport it, then the spilled oil is money they can’t profit from. Like they would do that. C’mon. SMH They care just as much about the health of the environment and the planet as the tobacco companies care about protecting the consumers who use their products. They sat in front of a Congressional committee and said so themselves behind their troop of lawyers, and we all know that no one lies to Congress.

BP Oil rig Deepwater Horizon–tree hugger

I for one am on board for drilling, pumping and spilling all over the place. I mean why not, if it will create hundreds of jobs and make a few men billions of dollars, then why not? Let’s spend the collective money of hundreds of millions of taxpayers on a project that will only benefit a few. That is the Capitalistic way. Animals have had the Earth long enough, and what have they done with it? Nothing. All they do is eat all of the food and shit all over the place. It is high time for humans to show what it is we can do with the patches of land that are good for making money and turning a profit. These are not homes for cute little chipmunks and furry foxes, they are oil fields and areas with stockpiles of wood in the form of trees.

The spills and accidents just this past year in the US and Canada at Yellowstone River pipeline, Peace River Rainbow, Barataria Bay, Talmadge Creek, Red Butte Creek, Great Alaskan Pipeline only spilled a combined total of a little over 8,600 tones of oil. So that isn’t that bad. Especially when you compare it with the over 600,000 tones of oil that leaked into the Gulf 2 years ago, that is barely even a dent. The Earth has been around for thousands of years, and if the fate of the dinosaurs is any indication of how resilient life is on this planet, then we will all be fine.

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