China, China, China

chess game, queen checkmate

When I was 6 years old, the word China referred to the beautifully ornate “never to be touched” dishes that were off limits to me that resided in the dining room cabinet of the same name.  As I got older I realized that China was actually a country, a large country in Asia, which was home to the most people populating any one country in the world.  When I was a teenager I discovered that this country had a brutal, warring past marred by tribal feuds and megalomaniac emperors set on world domination.  I knew that many beautiful textiles originated from China, such as silk, jade, and Ming dynasty vases.   That it is home to exotic and majestic animals like the golden monkey, Siberian tigers, and of course the giant panda that can only be found in that section of the world.  I also learned that many innovations in science were developed in China, such as the earliest recorded irrigation systems, gun powder, and of course paper money to name a few.  China is a land of many beautiful and terrifying things, but none more so than the people themselves.

It wasn’t until much later in my schooling did I realize that the people that rule China conspire for world domination on a level that is comparable to Bobby Fisher or Barry Kasparov that are considered the worlds most formidable chess strategists.  Like these previously mentioned chess grandmasters, they have played the entire game in their heads and beaten you before you have even had the chance to make more than three moves. They make plans, contingency plans, and then contingencies for those contingencies.  They plan on levels that are way beyond our comprehension.  And the Chinese aren’t playing a game.  They realize one important factor that Americans have yet to grasp, that there is a 4th dimension to planning, time.  And that time is critical and crucial to developing and carrying out an all-encompassing plan.  It is normal for the Chinese to make plans that can take 50 to 100 years before coming to fruition.  Americans can sparsely wait a year before they jump off the bandwagon and onto some new yo-yo diet-style plan.  The Chinese have had the benefit of coming from a culture that is thousands of years old and they have had many millennia to perfect their techniques. With a population of 1.6 billion people, it is no wonder they feel they are the chosen people that should be the rulers of the world.  For every 5 people in the world, one of them is Chinese.

Just because America is on top in 2011 does not mean that we will stay there.  It especially doesn’t mean that other countries are looking to help us stay there either.  They all want to be in the same or similar position we find ourselves in. We have only existed as a nation for a relatively short amount of time, and have been in power for an even shorter period of time.  Our so-called allies are only our allies as long as it is desirable to be.  The global community is like a world nations’ version of Beverly Hills 90210.  The prettiest girl in school is perceived to be a major bitch and has to act the part because every guy wants to fuck her and every girl wants to be her. To her face everyone is nice and sweet and polite.  They pretend to be her friend and do nice things for her while secretly plotting behind her back to betray her trust, spread rumors about her, or attempt to sleep with her. The girls do it because they are jealous and want what she has, they want to see her suffer, and all because they don’t posses the qualities that made her top dog in the first place.  The boys all want to take from her what she has because they desire her “goods and services” but will cast her aside once that have gotten what they are after.

China is acting like a both the male and the female in the above analogy.  It is after our “goods” but is also very jealous of our attributes.  Actually, China has a different agenda for us all together.  It doesn’t want to date us, nor does it want to be us, it wants to pimp us out for its own benefit.  We are both consumers and providers.  China wants to put us to work for them, and then feel the elation of having destroyed something that it was once jealous of, while also benefiting from our hard work.  All I am saying is it is time to put away our petty and trivial differences that separate us Americans and unite before we become an endangered nationality that can be attributed to Chinese development and imperialism.

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