I was recently out with the fellas in a hot spot in LALA land and apparently made a major faux pas with some ladies.  This actually isn’t surprising because I have very strong viewpoints and often like to let them be known.  And with the already limited filter I have on my mouth, when drinks are added it seems to disappear all together.  But this time I felt like I had not done anything wrong.  We were talking to a group of young ladies, obviously part of this new crop of women that are becoming prevalent in America, and I told them that I like a woman that is a little more domesticated.  Holy shit!  You would have thought I called them all bitches, spit in their faces, and muff punched them or something.  They went off on me.

“Oh you probably want us bare foot and pregnant in the kitchen and waiting for you with your slippers and a martini too?!”  Well actually, no.  First off, I am not really a martini drinker, I need my vodka with some tonic and a lime in it.  Second, I don’t really recommend being shoeless in the kitchen, it can be a dangerous place and household accidents are avoidable.  But most importantly, I wouldn’t dream of putting my seed in you because that would just dumb down my good stock.  But let’s focus on the topic at hand.  There is nothing wrong with a woman that is domesticated.  I am not talking about putting a collar on them or keeping them in the house all day.  I am just saying a woman that knows how to do things and likes to contribute around the house.

When did knowing how to cook, sew, clean, and garden become enslavement instead of contributions made to living in a happy household?  These are not chores that have been given to women to subjugate and demean them.   They are skills that women need in order to fulfill their partnership with the man they choose to marry.  Just as men should be well versed in small home repairs and menial maintenance of their homes and automobiles, women have a job to do as well.  This does not make them weaker than men, it makes them part of a team that is in charge of a household.  Part of the problem that people face today is the break down of gender roles when talking about building an American nuclear family.  There are specific roles for men and women.  Being in a relationship requires work.  It is not an easy task, and running a household takes perseverance, patience, sacrifice, and yes, WORK!  The fact that these skills are being forsaken by both men and women because they find them to be gender identifying and undignified is absurd and disheartening in my opinion.

A lot of women see a relationship as the finish line in the “race” of finding a mate.  But it is not, it is the starting line of an even longer more important race.  This race is more of an obstacle course because there are going to be all kinds of blockers and deterrents to slow you down.  Some of them might even stop your progress all together.  And it is vital to the relationship that you can rely on your partner in order to overcome these hurdles.  You need to pull the other up when they fall, help them over the high walls when they can’t lift themselves, and to encourage each other to keep going even when it seems impossible.  Part of that teamwork requires cooking, cleaning, sewing, and other household chores.  American women need to understand that this is why you are losing American men to foreign women.  It’s not because they are subservient or don’t talk back, they’re still women after all.  It is that they embrace the gender roles.  They know how to use their femininity to their advantage.  They do not use being a woman as an excuse for why they can’t do things, and they enjoy having the power of being the master of the domicile.  So learn to cook ladies.  Learn to sew.  Learn to run a household.  If you do all those things you will be surprised by the outcome.  A well-fed man rarely strays.


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Just a guy with an opinion and some time on my hands trying to find out where the sidewalk really does end.

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  1. “A lot of women see a relationship as the finish line in the “race” of finding a mate. But it is not, it is the starting line of an even longer more important race. ”
    So true…..GREAT post!

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