Annie get your gun


America is a wonderful country filled with people that enjoy the freedoms that our ancestors fought tooth and nail for. We are THE land of opportunity where we have the freedom to make whatever we can dream a reality. Anyone can do anything and become whomever they choose to be.

The thing that makes all of this possible is that we enjoy a prodigious amount of freedoms, and those freedoms translate into opportunities. Those opportunities are protected by rules and inalienable rights set forth in the Bill of Rights of our Constitution. Among them being the freedom of speech, the freedom from undue search and seizure and of course the most debated freedom, the right to bear arms.

Now I think all of the amendments outlined in the Bill of Rights are equally important, but some have become outdated, antiquated, and a few defunct since the time and era in which we live does not call for them anymore, namely the 3rd amendment (stop being so lazy and look it up). It is time that we ratified the second amendment to capitulate to the era in which we live.

Why is it that someone can walk into a store and buy a grenade launcher, a bazooka, or an assault rifle like an M-16 or an AR-35? The word assault is right there in the description of the weapon. What would those be used for other than the killing of other humans? If one is looking to protect themselves, and a firearm is what they would like to use, then by all means they should be able to buy one, but a handgun (a revolver) should suffice.

You don’t need a handgun that can hold a 15+1 clip and is capable of automatic fire. If your desire is hunting and not protection, then you should be able to buy a rifle, but high-powered scopes and ACOG sights are not necessary to hunt deer and wild boar. Iron sights should be enough for you if it is truly hunting for sport.

If you really are trying to put down a big game animal and you require a scope then we should rig that animal with missiles, lasers, and other weaponry to make it a fair fight. Because the fact that the animal doesn’t know that it is participating in your “sport” makes it less of a sport and more of a inhuman murder. And I don’t see any reason to make it easier and give any more of an advantage to the one wearing camouflage, yellow glasses, and touting the 12-round high powered rifle.

But the real problem arises when people who are mentally unstable get hold of weapons, lose what little bit of their minds they have left, and start killing people. The ability to commit murder is just too accessible to people that seem to have limited options for how they can vent their frustrations. There was a shooting recently in Seal Beach in which 8 people were killed, there was the shooting of Senator Gifford last year in Arizona where 8 more people were killed, there was the shooting at Virginia Tech last week where 2 people died, there was the man who committed SBC (suicide by cop) in downtown LA this weekend.

There are countless stories of people taking their weapons into situations where innocent people become murder victims because we protect their right to have these guns. I have a right to run with scissors or boil water in a paper cup, but I don’t do it because the result would be very, very bad. Here we have a common sense issue. An issue that if people could sit down and reasonably talk about how to curtail gun violence, a solution could be reached. Unfortunately, the proponents of gun ownership want the general public to believe that if we limit gun hoarding that the federal government is going to come into our homes and declare Marshal Law. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

I am all for protecting one’s self, but there needs to be a line drawn where a gun needed for protection or sport crosses into the stockpiling of guns for purposes of violence or of building a militia. There are countless instances of people who are armed to the teeth killing countless others when there is no justification for why they needed or had access to such weaponry. Columbine, Waco, the original V Tech, Carthage, N.C., McLendon in Alabama, Kazmierczak at NIU, Jenkins in Omaha, and the list goes on and on and on of instances where people kill scores of people because they are armed to the teeth. The amendment needs to be amended. There is no more room for debate. We must take a stand and say enough is enough.


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